Point-In-Time (PIT) Homeless Count

2021 Point in Time Count

Due to COVID-19, Lane County's Continuum of Care applied for and received a waiver to utilize a revised Homeless by Name List for the Point in Time Count. Lane County did not want to risk spreading COVID-19 by conducting a traditional street-outreach based Count.

Lane County’s Continuum of Care launched the Homeless By-Name List (HBNL) in in 2019. The HBNL is generated from the data collected during the regular course of business at 30 Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) participating agencies with over 200 projects. All projects collect the Universal Data Elements (UDE) and disabling condition information necessary to determine homeless status. These data are used to distinguish who, by name, will be reported as experiencing homelessness each month. In turn, this list is used to track trends, inflow and outflow, and demographics of people experiencing homelessness in the county. The list helps identify the most at-risk individuals for case conferencing and intensive services including shelter and housing.
The HBNL, including the unsheltered count, is widely embraced by homeless advocates and providers as being representative of the unhoused population in Lane County.
In previous years, Lane County conducted a survey-based street count and supplemented the data with information extracted from HMIS. In 2021, Lane County flipped the methodology by using HMIS data for the majority of the Unsheltered Count and supplementing the count with surveys collected from isolated geographic or population pockets that were not currently participating in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).