Hearings Official Agendas, Audio, and Documents

Hearings Official

The Hearings Official holds public hearings on land use permits.  Generally these hearings discuss specific proposals with the developer and receive public input from the notified neighbors and interested citizens.


Digital Hearings 

As of October 21, 2021, all Hearings Official Hearings are set to occur digitally through the Zoom Meeting platform (changed from original conference call/GoTo Meeting format). Information for attending the digital hearing using a computer or phone is included on the official mailed Hearing Notice or on the Agenda provided for the specific Hearing dates, as provided in the document container below.


Prior to 2020, documents pertaining to Hearings Official meetings include only Agendas. Please contact staff for copies of packet materials or audio recordings. From 2020 onwards, documents pertaining to Hearings Official meetings will include Agendas, Hearing Audio, and all documents submitted throughout the Hearing record periods.

Link to the Land Use Hearing Calendar