Getting Started on WIC

*Call WIC to schedule your visit.  541-682-4202
*Getting started on WIC does not require completing an application or other paperwork! 

*Make sure you are eligible by reading through the criteria listed on the Am I Eligible page.

How often will I get Food Benefits

Your WIC food benefits become available on the 1st of each month.

Check your food benefit account regularly as they expire at the end of each month.

Food Benefits are not Showing in my Account?

Please call WIC if you do not have food benefits in your account for the current month.

Are my Resource/Foster Care Children Eligible?

Yes! Resource/foster children within the age guidelines for WIC are eligible.  

Please call to schedule a visit.  541-682-4202

Are Dads and Grandparents Eligible?

Although dads and grandparents do not receive benefits for themselves, they may receive benefits for their WIC eligible children.

Are Organic Foods Allowed?

Some of your WIC foods can be organic.  Check your WIC food list for organic selections.  Below is a list of  WIC approved organic items:

*Fruit & Vegetables
*Soy Milk
*Baby Jar Food

Organic foods are more costly and for this reason WIC is unable to offer more organic food options.

WIC Food List

Moving In or Out of our Area?

WIC is nationwide!  Ask us for transfer information if you plan on moving from our area.

Moving within Lane County?  Please call to update your address.

Moving out of Lane County, but within Oregon? Please call the new county that you are moving to.  Call Lane County WIC if you need your new clinic's phone number and/or address.

Moving out of Oregon?
Please call or stop by to let us know you are leaving. 

We will provide you with transfer paperwork for your new WIC clinic and that clinic's address & phone number if needed. 
This will make your transition to your new WIC clinic much easier!

Your Oregon eWIC card will not work outside of Oregon.

Moving in from a different county?  Call to update your address with us and to have your benefits transferred to our clinic.

Moving in from out of State?  
Call or drop-in to have your records transferred. It can make the process quicker if you have transfer information from your last clinic &/or that clinic's phone number.

My Child is Sick

Sorry to hear that your little one(s) is sick.  
WIC encourages you to reschedule your visit if your child is sick.  Please call us as soon as possible to reschedule.

Where Can I Shop for WIC Foods?

Many grocery stores take WIC!  You can shop for your WIC foods at any WIC authorized grocer statewide. 

WIC Approved Grocery Stores

Authorized stores are added and removed throughout the year.  Please check with your WIC clinic if you have questions.