Equity Program Advisory Board

Staff Liaison:
Shayna Higashi (she/her)
Equity Program Analyst
The Equity Program Advisory Board (EPAB)
The EPAB collaborates with the County Administrator and the Equity Program on the adoption and implementation of the 2024-2027 Equity Strategic Plan. Moreover, this board plays a crucial role in bridging the community with the County's equity initiatives.  The existence charge and sometimes the composition of this committee are controlled by the enabling legislation (Lane Manual 3.085.010).


Has the purpose of collaborating with the County Administrator and the Equity Program. Its primary goal is to collaborate on the adoption and implementation of the 2024-2027 Equity Strategic Plan. Moreover, this board plays a crucial role in bridging the community with the County's equity initiatives. 

Meeting Schedule

At least quarterly, or as needed and as determined by the advisory group.


Members must live within the geographical boundaries of Lane County. The group range will be between five (5) to eleven (11) members, with the aim of having at least one representative per district as determined by the most up to date district maps. Additionally, the committee membership shall include at least two (2) designated alternates. 

There will be two types of members who can be a part of the EPAB. Those are voting members and alternate members.

Voting Members: Voting members are individuals who make up the voting membership of the EPAB. These individuals make up the board’s quorum, vote on any EPAB matters, and can hold officer positions.

Alternate Members: Alternate members are individuals who attend meetings, can provide questions or insight within regular or special meetings, but do not hold voting rights and cannot hold officer positions. If there are any vacancies of the EPAB, alternate members will have first right of refusal to fill the position.

Membership Term

Each member has the opportunity to choose their term duration of 1-3 years.  Members will select their term duration and if they wish to serve as a board member (voting member) or as an alternate (non-voting member). Members of the board and alternates are eligible to serve for a cumulative period of up to 6 years, whether continuously or intermittently.

Our Commitment to Equity

The Equity Program will operate with a low-barrier access model to cultivate inclusive and equitable engagement.

Financial Accessibility: We are committed to eliminating financial obstacles that may hinder board member participation. To this end, we have established a discretionary fund to assist board members who encounter financial challenges, which may encompass expenses related to childcare, transportation, or reliable internet access. 

Cultural Accessibility: In recognition of the diverse backgrounds and needs of our board members, we will offer translation services as necessary. We will also be considerate of meeting times and frequency, ensuring they accommodate various schedules and preferences. Moreover, we will provide training on Oregon Public Meeting Laws to all members, and alternates will be well-versed in the process before assuming voting board member roles. We place deliberate emphasis on fostering a board culture that is collaborative and inclusive, with board members co-creating our rules of order. 

Physical Accessibility: We will conduct meetings virtually and in person, with a hybrid option. We will secure spaces that nurture meaningful connections and that are ADA-accessible. Our optional in-person meetings will have free parking or parking fees will be waived.  


The Equity Program will center collective diversity in recruitment efforts to create an environment that fosters understanding of diverse perspectives and honors lived experience. Some of the ways that we define diversity, in a non-exclusive list, are:  

  • Diverse racial and ethnic communities, including immigrants and those who identify as Indigenous, Black, Latino/a/x/e, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other communities that have not had visibility in County policies in recent times. 
  • Inclusion of voices across various gender identities and sexual orientations. 
  • Expertise in a wide range of issues, including housing, economic development, homelessness, health, social services, youth, education, community organizing, small businesses, arts, and culture. 
  • Diverse socio-economic backgrounds, age, religion, veteran status, ability status, and level of experience working with the County.  
  • Diverse representation of neighborhoods and lived experiences. 


There are currently no vacancies - You may submit an interest form at any time. Submissions are kept for 12 months from the date it is received and will be considered should a vacancy occur within that time frame. 

Interest Forms can be submitted via email or mail to Lane County Administration, Public Service Building, 125 E 8th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. If submitting your application through email, please use "Advisory Committee" in your subject line to prevent it from going to spam.

Interest Forms are available online. Applicants may be asked to undergo an interview process.

For more information: Contact Shayna Higashi at 541-780-5105 or  [email protected].

Committee Bylaws