Monkeypox (hMPXV)

Monkeypox information

Update 7/21/2022 : Lane County, OR— Lane County Public Health (LCPH) will be sending weekly hMPXV updates every Thursday.
As of 7/21/22, there are:
3 Confirmed* Cases
7 Presumptive** Cases
4 Suspect*** Cases
*Confirmed cases are those that have tested positive for orthopox virus at a local lab AND tested positive for hMPXV through testing by Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

**Presumptive cases have tested positive for orthopox virus at a local lab but have not been confirmed for hMPXV by the CDC.

***Suspect cases are cases with exposure to a known hMPXV case and have presented with one or more symptoms but have not tested positive. LCPH has designated a team of nurses, disease intervention specialists, and other public health professionals to address the cluster of hMPXV cases in Lane County.
LCPH has received vaccines from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and is using the recommended selection criteria to do targeted outreach to those who qualify for preventative vaccination. LCPH continues to vaccinate those who have been exposed as they are identified. LCPH is working with local partners to reach these individuals as equitably as possible.

Thanks to the partnership between labs, LCPH, and OHA, local labs can now test for orthopox, helping expedite the identification of new cases in Lane County.

At this time, LCPH is focusing efforts on highest risk populations and believes the risk of contracting hMPXV for the general community is low.

If you have an unexplained rash, sores or other symptoms, see your primary care provider — if you don’t have a provider please call (541) 682-4041. Keep the rash covered and avoid sex or being intimate with anyone until you have been checked out.




Contacts of people with suspected, presumptive, or confirmed hMPXV as identified through local public health authority (LPHA) partner and field services

Cisgender and transgender men who have sex with men and transgender women who have sex with men who, in the last 14 days, have had:

Contacts of people with suspected, presumptive, or confirmed hMPXV in another jurisdiction

More than one sex partner in a high-risk setting (bathhouse, sex club, adult bookstore)


More than one anonymous sex partner (a partner who you couldn’t get in touch with if you needed to)


Sex in exchange for money, drugs, or something else of value with more than one partner




Or, have had rectal gonorrhea, rectal chlamydia, or syphilis in the prior 3 months






In the next 7-10 days

Previous Updates

Update 7/1/2022: On July 1st, 2022, Lane County Public Health (LCPH) reported two presumed case of monkeypox (hMPXV) virus infections in Lane County, identified by testing at the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory.
Monkeypox symptoms are flu-like with swelling of lymph nodes and a rash that includes bumps that are initially filled with fluid before scabbing over. Illness could be confused with a sexually transmitted infection like syphilis or herpes, or with varicella zoster virus (chickenpox).
Monkeypox is a rare but potentially serious, viral illness that can be transmitted person to person through prolonged physical contact with someone who is infectious. This can include direct skin-to-skin contact with infectious rashes, and being exposed to respiratory droplets or bodily fluids during intimate physical contact such as kissing, cuddling or sex. It is important to understand that anyone can get monkeypox.

How to Identify Monkeypox