Strategic Planning


2018-2021 Strategic Plan
The Lane County 2018-2021 Strategic Plan was originally adopted in March of 2018 following a robust engagement effort with the community, staff and the Board of County Commissioners.

Why a Revision?

In January of 2019, we welcomed two new commissioners to the Board and ultimately felt that we needed to revisit the Plan to ensure that we were focusing on the overarching priorities of the Board.

The Board of County Commissioners met in September and October of 2019 to discuss goals and priorities for the next two years. Together, along with the executive leadership of the County, we made some revisions to the original 2018-2021 Lane County Strategic Plan.

Our Lenses

Strategic lenses are perspectives from which strategies should be viewed, as well as questions that should be asked before strategies are implemented.  These perspectives or questions include: How will we pay for this? How does this impact everyone in our community? Have we sought feedback from key stakeholders? Are we including the right partners? Is this the most effective solution?
Identifying strategic lenses ensures we have a thoughtful, consistent and intentional process for evaluating strategies before implementation.
Based on feedback from the Board of Commissioners, executive leadership, employees and residents, we have identified the following three strategic lenses:
         - Financial Stewardship
         - Equity
         - Collective Impact

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Judy Williams
Strategy and Integration Manager
[email protected] 

Our Priorities

Safe, Healthy County
Vibrant Communities
Robust Infrastructure
Our People and Partnerships

Our Vision

Lane County is the best county in which to live, work, and play.

Our Core Behaviors

Passion to serve
Driven to connect
Focused on solutions

Our Strategic Lenses

Financial Stewardship
Collective Impact