Detention Level System


While you are in detention you earn privileges by exhibiting good behavior and cooperation. This is called the level system. You may move up through the levels, but if you exhibit inappropriate behavior or violate detention rules, you will be dropped a level. Everyone starts on the Orientation level.

Orientation Level

For a minimum of two days you are on this level. You will read the Orientation Handbook, complete a written assignment and attend an orientation group. During this time you eat in your room and cannot go to school or engage in any other activities. Your behavior and cooperation will determine when you move to Level 1.

Level 1

You will be on this level for a minimum of a week. At this level you may eat breakfast out of your room and will be able to go to school. You also have the opportunity to earn movies, gym and other recreational opportunities. You will not be able to have a pencil in your room until Level 2.

Level 2

You will be at this level for a minimum of two weeks. On this level you can eat all meals out of your room, go to all group, recreational and unstructured activities. In addition, you have an 8:30 bedtime.

Level 3

On this level you get all the benefits of level 2 plus get to stay up later, get first showers and clothes, first in line at meals and the use of video games. You can also make phone calls from detention on designated days.