2019 Community Health Status Assessment

Community Health Status Assessment Overview

The Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA) answers the question “how healthy is the community?” Indicators selected during the 2015 assessment process were updated with most recently available data, with a few indicators added to further inform Lane County’s progress on 2016-2019 CHIP initiatives. An executive summary of the assessment will be available soon. 

Overall, Lane County remains a moderately healthy community with well-educated and active residents. The 2019 County Health Rankings and Roadmap ranks Lane County 11th out of 35 counties (up from 16th in 2015) for overall health and quality of life. Although good health outcomes and health behaviors are prominent in Lane County, many gaps remain to be addressed. As with the rest of the nation, health status in Lane County is tied to a number of social and environmental factors including income, poverty, race/ethnicity and geographic location.

The Community Health Status Assessment has been broken up into several sections so you can find the information you're looking for more easily. 

About Lane County
- includes demographics and information about our environment

Social determinants of health
- includes socioeconomic data, information about community vitality, and health system statistics

Health behaviors & health outcomes
- includes information about health behaviors like rates of tobacco use; births and birth outcomes; behavioral health statistics; infectious and chronic disease rates; and causes of death in Lane County

About the Community Health Assessment

Creating a healthy community is a shared responsibility. By working together, we have the potential to create a caring community where all people can live a healthier life. Live Healthy Lane (LHL) brings together Lane County, PeaceHealth Oregon Network, Trillium Community Health Plan, and United Way of Lane County to develop a comprehensive Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). As part of the development of that plan, Live Healthy Lane conducts four assessments: Forces of Change, Local Public Health System, Community Themes and Strengths, and Community Health Status.

For more information

The CHSA is one element of the Community Health Assessment. For questions about this data, please contact Jennifer Webster. For more information about the Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan, please visit Live Healthy Lane.