System of Care Meetings

Overview of the Lane County System of Care

The System of Care (SOC) is a mandated Council (meaning the State requires this Council to be in place) and it has the following purposes:
Make policy recommendations to the State Children’s System Advisory Committee; 
Conduct system oversight for an effective children’s System of Care;
Evaluate the children’s mental/behavioral health systems at the local level;
Provide quarterly reports on Wraparound participation, services, Flex Funds, barriers and priorities;
Promote linkages among public and private agencies;
Ensure that policies and practices in the children’s services reflect the SOC values and principles;
Respect family voice and provide opportunity to be heard;
Respect youth voice and provide opportunity to be heard;
Support the expansion of SOC values and principles throughout Oregon’s child and family serving agencies.
If you are interested in joining the SOC or learning more about SOC the documents below will help:
Local System of Care Structure
State, System of Care and Wraparound Collaborative Structure


SOC committees are comprised of family members, youth, mental health providers, and public partners. It is a venue where the family members and youth (the “consumers” of mental health services) have the opportunity to voice their perspective on the system of care for children and youth.


Committee Members work together to become informed about children’s mental health systems of care policies and practices, discuss various perspectives on what these systems look like, and to make recommendations for improvements that consider the perspective of those who are receiving the services.


By sharing skills, knowledge, and experiences, members help to inform the system that delivers children’s mental health services about the experiences of people receiving these services.  Membership in the SOC provides a supportive environment to assist members in building skills to participate in an practice-level, advisory, or executive role. 

Co-chairs, fellow committee members, Lane County LaneCare and Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs- Trillium Community Health Plan and PacificSource Community Solutions-Lane) staff are able to provide mentoring and assistance.

Vision, Mission and System of Care Core Values

Lane County children, youth and families have a supportive community and sufficient community resources to be healthy, safe, resilient, and thriving.  

Cross system and community leadership will collaborate to reduce system barriers, improve efficiencies, increase opportunities to improve services and supports, and increase opportunities to realize our shared vision and values for children, youth and families.

Family driven and youth guided:
  The family and youth, their needs, direct the types and mix of  services received.

Culturally and Linguistically Competent and Responsive: Supports and services build on the  preferences, attitudes, beliefs, and culture of the family and youth. 

Community Based:  The supports and services provided mirror that of the community of the  family and youth.  Every effort is taken to keep the youth in their community. 

Protecting Family Dignity and Privacy:  Only necessary information about family and youth will  be shared publicly, and whenever possible with family present or with the family’s knowledge. The experiences and stories of family and youth will be shared respectfully, in a manner that protects their identity, and in alignment with the guiding principles.