Using the Web Portal

Web Portal

The web portal is only for individuals who have already spoken with a WIC staff person about getting enrolled on WIC.  If you have not yet visited with WIC, please call us at 541-682-4202 to start your enrollment process.

The web portal is not connected to the WICshopper app or where you can take WIC classes.

Portal Instructions

  1. Register to use the portal
    1. Enter valid email when prompted
    2. Enter a password when prompted
    3. You will receive an email response verifying success
    4. WIC ID# entry is OPTIONAL and will not impact your use of the portal


  2. Login if already registered
  3. All portal communication is through the email address you provided
  4. WIC Enrollment Screen
    1. Read through the Participant Rights and Responsibilities and the Participant Signature form by clicking on their name
    2. Select yes if you’d like to proceed and agree to being a WIC participant
    3. Selecting no prevents you from participating in WIC
    4. Acknowledge HIPAA receipt
    5. Select yes or no for voter registration
    6. Use the + symbol next to participants to add who is enrolling in WIC.For example, if you have an appointment for your 3-year-old child, the name of the child would be added to the participant section.
    7. Upload required proofs or other data by selecting the + symbol next to where it states documents
    8. Type your signature
    9. Select save
  5. WIC Forms Screen
    1. You can add or delete or make edits to your information in this screen by selecting the various tabs (Messages, Participants, Documents)
    2. Select the + symbol when in the tab you want to add to
  6. Status
    1. Once your record has been reviewed, WIC staff will change the status of your account.
      1. Submitted – we have received your information
      2. Need Information – more information is needed to complete your enrollment
      3. Approved – all information provided has been approved and at this time no other information is needed.