2023 Accessibility Improvements

Universally Accessible Trail - Mount Pisgah Arboretum at Howard Buford Recreation Area (HBRA).

As part of our efforts to build a more inclusive County Park System, our partners at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum spent the winter and spring modifying a loop of the lowland trails within the Arboretum lease area. 

Improvements include:

  1. Aligning the trails with universal accessibility standards
  2. Designating another trail loop as “barrier free.”
  3. Developing a communications plan for the trail system which will allow persons with disabilities the opportunity to make informed decisions about which trails they might feel comfortable using.
  4. Updated trail maps, kiosk signage, and visual and verbal descriptions of trails.
  5. Partnering with community organizations to lead tours for people with disabilities.

This effort is funded with grant support from the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund and was undertaken following a research project on accessibility at HBRA conducted by Liza Holtz (then Masters of Landscape Architecture candidate at the University of Oregon).  Project partners include:  Friends of Buford Park, City of Eugene's Adaptive Recreation Program, Lane Independent Alliance, and the Arc of Lane County.

Photo of park patrons testing trail improvements at Mount Pisgah Arboretum

New Accessible River Access Point in the Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Under the guidance of Cameron McCarthy, Lane County Parks is actively engaged in designing and permitting a groundbreaking project at the Howard Buford Recreation Area along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River. This initiative focuses on creating accessible, non-motorized waterway access points, marking a significant milestone as the first fully handicap-accessible entry to the river.

Beyond providing inclusive access, the project is dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of adjacent riparian areas, preventing unauthorized access and preserving the natural environment. We are grateful to acknowledge the support received for this endeavor through funding from the Oregon State Marine Board Facility Grant program, emphasizing the collaborative efforts shaping the future of our recreational spaces.

Site plan drawing for waterway access at Howard Buford Recreation Area


Upcoming Projects with Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah

Discover the exciting initiatives that the Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah have in store for enhancing your outdoor experience in the coming years.


North Bottomlands Trail Expansion (2024):

In 2024, the Friends of Buford Park will spearhead a transformative project in the North Bottomlands. The plan includes constructing 1.5 miles of brand-new trail, enhancing 0.5 miles of existing trail, and introducing a wildlife observation blind to connect you even closer to nature. Anticipate the completion of the first mile of improved trail by Independence Day. The remaining work is scheduled for July-December 2024. 
North Bottomlands Stewardship Zone - Proposed Trail Improvements Map

South Bottomlands Trail Collaboration (2025):

Looking ahead to 2025, the Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah aspire to collaborate with Lane County Parks to plan, design, and permit trail improvements in the South Bottomlands. This collaborative effort aims to create trails that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, offering an enhanced outdoor experience. Construction is scheduled for 2025, promising more adventures in the beautiful South Bottomlands.

We invite you to stay connected and be a part of these exciting projects that contribute to the preservation and enjoyment of Buford Park. Your participation is not only welcome but crucial to the success of these endeavors. Together, let's build a better, more accessible outdoor haven for everyone.

Stay engaged with the Friends for regular updates and opportunities to join our work parties by visiting their website or signing up for their newsletter.

Donna utilizing David's Chair at Heceta Beach on a stormy winter day

Lane County Parks Partners with David's Chair to increase accessibility at Heceta Beach.

In a pivotal partnership, Lane County Parks allocates grant money to support the ongoing maintenance of David's Chair at Heceta Beach in Florence. David's Chair - dedicated to enriching outdoor experiences by providing free mobility chairs to those in need. Enjoy the stunning beauty of Heceta Beach with this complimentary chair, available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Secure your reservation through David's Chair website.

In November 2022, Lane County voters underscored their dedication to community accessibility by approving a 5-year local option levy. This levy dedicates funds to diverse local projects, with a specific emphasis on enhancing accessibility in parks, such as David's Chair.  This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to creating inclusive and accessible outdoor spaces, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can enjoy the natural beauty of our parks.  

Driftwood Shores also plays a crucial role by providing electricity for the chair, and volunteers manage the check-in/out process with guests.  To become a volunteer visit David's Chair website. This collaborative effort ensures the smooth operation of David's Chair, making the outdoors more accessible to all.

Lane County Parks is committed to making our natural spaces inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Key Strategies:

Information Accessibility:
We're devoted to offering comprehensive online park information, empowering visitors.

Inclusive Policies and Procedures:
We enhance our policies to actively support inclusivity. Seeking feedback from the community to ensure our parks and policies are genuinely welcoming.

Connectivity and Access Improvements:
Investing in park infrastructure, we improve roads, paths, and trails, creating accessible routes and trails for diverse abilities.

Enhanced Trailheads:
Transforming trailheads into accessible hubs, we introduce amenities like restrooms, parking, water stations, interpretive signage and accommodations, enhancing the overall park experience.

Community Collaboration: 
We believe collaboration is crucial. Actively engaging communities and advocates ensures our accessibility initiatives align with diverse needs.   Lane County Parks is dedicated to making your experience memorable and accessible.

Join us on this journey toward greater inclusivity and accessibility in Lane County parks. Together, we can create spaces that celebrate the rich tapestry of our community and provide meaningful outdoor experiences for all.

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