Dog License Vendors

When purchasing a license from a vendor, advise them if this is your first license purchase, or a renewal.  The vendor should issue new dog licenses only so that you don't end up with duplicate license records in our system.

For renewals, keep your current license tag and pay the renewal fee.
You should NOT be issued a new number unless the tag is lost or damaged and you need a replacement. Thank you for your assistance in helping us to maintain our records.

Please educate yourself to the licensing laws before you purchase a license.
  • Do you live in an unincorporated area of Lane County? 
  • Do you live in unincorporated Lane County and own more than 8 dogs?
  • Do you breed dogs as a business?
  • Do you own a Boarding Kennel?
  • Has your dog been classified potentially dangerous?
The following vendors sell our licenses:

 Greenhill Humane Society  

 88530 Greenhill Rd
Eugene OR 97402

 (541) 689-1503

 Creswell Veterinary Hospital

345 W Oregon Ave
Creswell OR  97426

 Echo Hollow Veterinary Hospital 1980 Echo Hollow Rd #A
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 844-1038
 Eugene Spay & Neuter Clinic

3970 W 1st Ave
Eugene OR 97402

 (541) 682-3643
 Forest Valley Veterinary Clinic

2555 Mosby Creek Rd
Cottage Grove OR 97434

 (541) 942-9132
 McKenzie Animal Hospital

5303 Main St
Springfield OR 97478

 (541) 747-3859
 Oceanside Vet Hospital

1739 W 22nd 
Florence OR 97439

 (541) 997-9300
 So. Willamette Vet Clinic

255 Emerald Parkway
Creswell OR 97426

 (541) 895-4665
 Veneta Veterinary Hospital

 88233 Territorial
Veneta OR 97487

 (541) 935-4151