Document Recording Requirements

The County Clerk's Office records documents that affect title or interest to real property located in Lane County. When a document is received for recording it is checked for compliance with Oregon statutes. If a document cannot be recorded, it is returned to the submitter with an explanation of what needs to be corrected. As a document is recorded, an index is created and the image scanned for document retrieval.

This office is prohibited from:

  • Giving legal advice;
  • Helping fill out documents;
  • Suggesting what types of documents to use; and
  • Recording documents other than those specified by Oregon and Federal law.

First Page Requirements

The first page of each document submitted for recording must contain the following information (ORS 205.234)

If the information is not on the first page, an additional fee of $20.00 will be charged (ORS 205.327).      

Document Title(s)

The type of transaction, clearly labeled.  A document may contain multiple titles.  Each title must be clearly distinguishable to enable the recording clerk to index the document in the appropriate record (ORS 205.236).

Names of the Parties

The names of all parties to the document (ORS 205.234(1)(b).

Return To

The name and address of the person to whom the document will be returned (ORS 205.180).


The true and actual consideration paid.  Required on documents conveying or contracting to convey fee title (ORS 93.030).

Tax Statements

The name and address where tax statements will be sent.  Required on documents conveying or contracting to convey fee title (ORS 93.260).

Font Size

All text (typed, written, or printed) must be 8 point or larger (ORS 205.232).  This requirement applies to all pages of the document.


If a document is being re-recorded to make a correction, the following re-recording certificate text is required to be on the first page:  "Re-recorded at the request of____ to correct____.  Previously recorded in book____and page____, or as fee number____."   
(ORS 205.244)
General Requirements
Original Signatures.  All signatures and notary acknowledgements must be original (OAR 160-100-000).  

Paper size and requirements.  Paper must be legal sized (8.5” x 14”) or smaller and of sufficient quality for recording photographically.  (ORS 205.232).

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