Available Properties


Below is a list of properties in inventory. These properties have been previously offered at a public auction and did not sell and can now be sold directly . Some properties may no longer be available due to prior sale or Lane County's desire to retain the property.

Below is a brief description of the county's zoning symbols (only applicable for property outside a city's limits). Contact the County's Land Management Division for more detailed information. For information on zoning for property that is within a city's limits you will need to contact that city. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CHECK WITH THE APPROPRIATE PLANNING DEPARTMENT TO DETERMINE ALLOWABLE USES AND THE ABILITY TO ACQUIRE DEVELOPMENT PERMITS BEFORE PURCHASING A COUNTY PROPERTY

E - Exclusive Farm Use. The number after the E designates the minimum lot size for creating a new parcel (A property zoned E30 would require a minimum of 30 acres to create a new parcel so one would need 60 acres before it could be divided). Generally, property zoned for farm use cannot be developed with a dwelling unless income producing farm activity is occurring on the property (minimum income levels are required).

RR- Rural Residential. This zoning provides for developing a property with a dwelling as a permitted use. The number after the R designates the minimum lot size for creating new parcels (RR2 = 2 acre minimum). Existing parcels less than the required minimum (i.e., a one acre parcel in a RR2 zone) may also qualify for a dwelling.

F2 - Impacted Forest Land. F2 zoned property is primarily resource land to be used for forestry, agriculture and related activities. Dwellings can be built on land zoned F2 (without any related forestry activity) by obtaining a special use permit. The process to obtain a special use permit for a dwelling is more involved and difficult than the process for land zoned RR.

F1 - Non-impacted Forest Land. No dwellings are permitted on land zoned F1. Primary use is as resource land (forestry).

M - Industrial. 1, 2 or 3 after the M relates to light, medium or heavy industrial.

I - Industrial. City of Eugene designation for industrial land.

RA - Rural/Agricultural. RA land is generally located within the Urban Growth Boundary of a city. Check with the particular city for permitted uses.

CR - Commercial property.

Clicking on the Map/Tax Lot # below will bring up the property on the County's GIS map. The GIS map provides links to Assessor's information and other information on the property. 


There are no available properties at this time