NRA Instructors

Sheriff's Office BadgeThe Lane County Sheriff's Office has been asked by the following instructors to provide their names as certified NRA Instructors who offer the required training described on the previous page.  The Lane County Sheriff's Office does not endorse any course or individual instructor.  This information is provided only as a public service.  For further information about upcoming classes, cost, location, etc., please contact the instructor directly.


 Myron Anderson 541-590-5300 or 541-997-4593 Florence
 William Ayres 541-520-4862  Eugene
 Bryon Barnes*  541-998-1303   Junction City
 Matthew Boltz*  541-729-5541  Junction City
 Ben Bower  541-321-0651  Eugene/Springfield - Training Solutions International LLC
 Steve and Denise Bright*  971-770-1287  Portland Metro Area - Blackstone Gun Safety
 Adam Bryce*           541-998-3869      Junction City - GunRunner Arms
 Shaun Curtin      360-921-2071  Eugene, Cottage Grove, Florence
 David Darling 541-998-8811  Junction City

 Lisanne Dickenson*

 541-501-1617  Eugene
 Steve Dixon  808-341-5099  Eugene
 Dan Dunn      541-914-3676  Eugene
 Tim Durkin  541-912-6310   Eugene
 Ken Friedkin  541-937-5059  Eugene/Springfield
 Terence L. Graves  541-606-0480  Springfield
 John Gross  541-954-8113  Eugene/Springfield
 Raye Gunter*  541-895-2666  Creswell - Emerald Valley Armory
 Craig Hawks  541-915-3002  Eugene
 Michael Heath*  541-860-5099  Myrtle Creek
 Ivan Hernandez          541-935-5331      Veneta
 Joe Holdmann*  541-290-2498 Coos Bay
 Shannon V. Johnson  541-521-7862  Springfield
 Jared Juarez  541-515-9586  Eugene/Springfield - In The Fight Training, LLC
 J. King      541-510-5939  Springfield - JK Training LLC
 Zachary King  541-525-6315  Springfield
 Tomas Kranites 786-426-0665 Eugene - TNI Investigations
 Troy Leach              503-969-8717      St. Helens
 Derek Leblanc*      541-731-7200  Eugene - Lethal Lovebirds LLC
 Tariek Leith*  866-931-3768  Eugene -Tri-Star Solutions Inc. email:  [email protected] 
 Donnie L. Myers  541-393-6878  Springfield - 295 Tactical
 Logan Nichols*  541-359-8740  Eugene - Defensive Firearms Instruction - email:  training
 Rick Parra      541-521-4823      Springfield
 Fred Peeters  541-747-8597  Springfield
 Dennis Rowlison  541-954-5704  Springfield
 Darrel Rutledge  541-935-6506  Veneta
 Carol Rozek*  541-844-6154  Eugene / Springfield / Pleasant Hill
 Clyde Simpson  541-554-0646  Eugene - C & D Simpson Training LLC
 Danette Simpson*  541-554-0646  Eugene - C & D Simpson Training LLC
 Douglas Sorensen  541-999-5161  Florence - Siuslaw Rod and Gun Club
 Sean Stevens*  541-912-7425  Creswell
 John Thornburg  541-510-6433  Eugene
 Shaun Waggener*  541-954-1022  Springfield
 Robbie Wright  503-810-1814 or 503-383-9308  Florence
 Patrick D. Wolfe  541-868-4117  Eugene

*These instructors also teach the Utah CHL Class

Updated July 2021