Attorney Instructions for Real Property Sales

Sheriff's Office Badge


In order to make this process as smooth as possible please follow the below listed instructions.   We cannot go forward if we don’t have the right paperwork.   If there are any issues, we may return the Writ to the Court and return all other documents to you pending correction of any problems.


    1. Original writ of execution signed by Court Administrator.   The Writ must contain description of judgment, property description and creditors address.   No need for any copies we will make any copies that are needed.   ORS 18.862
    2. A True Copy or Court Certified Copy of the judgment (signed by a judge) directing sale of the property or a Court Certified Copy of the Court Order Authorizing Sale of real property (if applicable).
    3. Deposit of $1,700.00.   We will pay for the publication and our fees out of the deposit and any unused portion will be refunded.  
    4. Please email word versions of the instructions and Writ to [email protected]   This will help keep all the paperwork consistent.   
    5. Instructions to the Sheriff must be signed by Creditor or Attorney. (ORS 18.875)  All postponement and cancellation letters must also be signed by an attorney.  Please provide the Deeds and Records recording number  (ORS 18.870), and a copy of the Real Property Report (ORS 18.930(2))
    6. Mail Writ package to:  

                                Lane County Sheriff’s Office
                                Attn:  Civil Division
                                125 E. 8th Avenue
                                Eugene, OR 97401 


About a week before the sale we will send out a copy of our fee sheet and request a written bid which needs to be submitted within 48 hours of the sale unless you will have a representative attend the sale.   The bid should contain names of representatives that will attend the sale (if any) and must be signed by an attorney.   Written bids are irrevocable.  You may confirm we have received your bid by checking our list of current sales.  We try to have our website updated at least 24 hours prior to the sale.


If there are no other bidders we will send you the appropriate paperwork, refund check if any and an original Certificate of Sale.   The Certificate of Sale is needed to obtain a Sheriff’s Deed so keep it until the 180 day redemption period is over.  


    1. A letter of instruction which should include the name and address of grantee, who/where to return to after recording and who/where to send tax statements to. If the deed is to be issued prior to the expiration of the redemption rights we need an Order to Issue Deed from the courts.  If the grantee on the Deed is different than the original purchaser, we need a copy of the assignment. 
    2. A check for the current fee.  If you would like the Deed mailed please add an additional fee.  If you will be picking the deed up at our office, please tell us who has permission to pick up the deed.  Photo identification will be required to release the deed.
    3. The original Certificate of Sale.