Lane County has been working with the community for years to address the lack of safe walking and bicycling infrastructure on Beaver Street and Hunsaker Lane. Following extensive technical analysis and public involvement, the Board adopted the Beaver-Hunsaker Corridor Plan in 2017, which established a community-preferred design concept for reconstructing the corridor with sidewalks, bike lanes, and a multi-use path.

In response to a pedestrian fatality in 2019, regional partners secured funding through the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to install the following short-term safety improvements: a wider space for people to walk along the shoulder of Hunsaker Lane; a mid-block pedestrian crossing; and a multi-use path along Delta Sand and Gravel’s frontage of Beaver Street. In 2020, Lane County repaved the corridor and changed the pavement markings to create a wider shoulder on the south side of Hunsaker Lane and established a crosswalk at Taito Street. In 2021, tubular delineators were added along the wider shoulder, a pedestrian-activated beacon will be installed at the Taito/Hunsaker crosswalk, and the multi-use path will be constructed along the Delta Sand and Gravel frontage of Beaver Street.

The City of Eugene secured federal grant funding to construct the long-term improvements envisioned in the Corridor Plan, including: reconstructing Hunsaker Lane; and constructing a multi-use path along the west boundary of Delta Sand and Gravel’s property, bordering the urban growth boundary, to connect the Beaver Street path to Wilkes Drive. More information on these improvements can be found here.

For more information, please contact Becky Taylor at 541-682-6932 or by email at [email protected].