Family Check-Up

What: Evidence- and strength-based family assessment to look at family functioning.

Who: Trillium Community Health members

How: Three 90-minute sessions. Children attend the second session only. Parents contact our office directly to schedule the first appointment.

Cost: Parents receive $150 in gift cards for attending all three sessions.

Are you the parent of a child, ages 2 to 17?

Would you be interested in earning $150 by attending three, 90-minute appointments for a Family Check-up?

        Would you enjoy:

•     Communicating more calmly and clearly with your child?

•     Encouraging positive behaviors in your child on a daily basis?

•     Greater success in resolving emotional conflicts with your child?

•     Setting effective limits when your child is defiant or disrespectful?

Family Check-up consists of three appointments:

•      Meet with our staff to share information about your family.

•      Work on a joint project with your child in a video-recorded session.

•      Discuss strengths and areas of possible concern.                                           

This service is available for Members of Trillium Community Health Plan.

Call (541) 682-3962 or complete the following link to schedule an appointment.