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We all want Lane County to be a healthy place to live and learn, work and play.
Lane County has a strong foundation for a healthy community. Built around abundant natural resources, collaboration across organizations, hardworking residents, caring neighborhoods, and innovation; we are proud of these assets, but there is still much work to be done. 

Live Healthy Lane is a collaborative project between Lane County Public Health, PeaceHealth Oregon Network, Trillium Community Health Plan, the Lane Community Health Council (governing body for Pacific Source Community Solutions), and United Way of Lane County. Together, along with many community partners, our collaborative conducts a shared Community Health Assessment (CHA) and develops a shared Community Health Improvement Plan (CHP) for all of Lane County.

2018-2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA)

The 2018-2019 Lane County Community Health Assessment (CHA) is more than charts, graphs, statistics and numbers. It is a comprehensive assessment that engages the community to help us understand not only what health conditions we should be concerned about, but what are the conditions of our community that both support and hinder good health for everyone.

There are multiple components to this assessment, each of which answers a different set of questions:
A summary of findings is available in English and Spanish.

2021-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHP)

The information from the Community Health Assessment is reviewed by Live Healthy Lane and community partners to identify common themes and root causes. That information is then shared with the community to identify priorities and develop strategies that become Lane County's Community Health Improvement Plan (CHP)

Lane County’s 2021-2025 CHP has one goal: 

Create the community conditions necessary to promote behavioral health and physical wellness across the lifespan for all people in Lane County.

Based on the findings in the CHNA, three priorities and four strategies were identified to improve the community’s health:
  • Ensure everyone has the income needed to meet basic needs
    • Support economic development that creates livable incomes and keeps basic living costs affordable
  • Create conditions that support good mental health and physical well-being
    • Ensure systems of care address the needs of the whole person across their life-span
    • Implement policies that support healthy choices and mental well-being
  • Address the injustices that create inequities
    • Ensure equity in the future by transforming the systems and structures of our racist past
A summary of the CHA findings and CHP strategies are available in English and Spanish.

Tracking progress on CHP priorities

Live Healthy Lane, in consultation with community partners, has developed a shared set of indicators that the community can use to track progress on the CHP priorities. The indicators are available in English and Spanish.

A summary of the indicators can be found here.

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The challenges Lane County faces in creating optimal conditions for good health are more than any one organization or agency can take on alone. That’s why we use a collective impact model in our approach to addressing the priorities in the CHP. 

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Previous CHA/CHP documents

Live Healthy Lane conducts a Community Health Assessment and develops a new Community Health Improvement Plan every five years. To see previous versions, visit Live Healthy Lane