Providing Eligibility Proofs

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Proof of Identification

Proof of identification must be seen each time you or your child are screened to be on WIC.  This includes identification for the parent/guardian and their children. 

Examples of Proof:

Birth certificate/Hospital birth record
Immunization record
Driver's License, passport, or state ID card
Work or school ID
OHP medical card
Pay stubs
SNAP/TANF current month documents
Voter registration card

Proof of Residency

Proof of residence must be seen each time you or your child are screened to be on WIC. 

Residence means where you normally sleep at night.  Proof of citizenship is not required.

Examples of Residency Proof:

Oregon driver's license/ID card
Current utility bills
Rent receipt
Bank statement/bank checks

Proof of Income

Proof of income must be seen each time you or your child are screened to be on WIC. 

You must show proof of all income for your entire household.

Examples of Income Proof:

Current pay stubs for last 30 days
Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Current
SNAP (food stamps) current award letter
Most recent W-2 forms or tax return
TANF current notice of approval
Foster child/parent placement letter
Signed letter from employer stating gross earnings

Missing Proofs

Please attend your WIC appointment even if you do not have all proofs required by the time of your visit. 

Without proof you may get one month of benefits. 

You will have 30 days to show proof and get your next benefits.