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Public Health uses data from a number of sources to inform decision-making and monitor the effectiveness of programs and services. Please check back regularly for the latest reports and data.

Community Health Status

NEW! 2019 Community Health Assessment

Creating a healthy community is a shared responsibility. By working together, we have the potential to create a caring community where all people can live a healthier life. Live Healthy Lane (LHL) brings together Lane County, PeaceHealth Oregon Network, Trillium Community Health Plan, and United Way of Lane County to develop a comprehensive Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). As part of the development of that plan, Live Healthy Lane conducts four assessments: Forces of Change, Local Public Health System, Community Themes and Strengths, and Community Health Status. Follow this link to find the Community Health Status Assessment.

2016-2019 Community Health Improvement Plan

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was completed with the Live Healthy Lane collaborative and is driven by the information in the CHNA. See the CHIP reports here.

2015-2016 Community Health Needs Assessment

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) was completed with the Live Healthy Lane collaborative. See the CHNA reports here. 

2019-2020 Vaccination Rates for Schools & Child Care Facilities

Curious about how well-vaccinated the schools in your area are? Oregon Health Authority provides interactive maps which show vaccination rates for all facilities which have an enrollment of 10 or more children. 

2017 Lane County Health Equity Report

Health inequity and health disparities exist in Lane County. Often the differences are greater than what we see on average in the state and the nation. Read our first of its kind report describing health disparities among communities of color, and the potential to improve health through changes in policy and practice.

2014-2019 Lane County Health Mapping

Interested in learning more about the state of health in different areas of Lane County? Use this interactive map application to see how different areas within the county are scored and ranked according to Health Outcomes, Health Behaviors and Economic factors. You can choose to compare differences between 144 smaller areas (census tracts and block groups) or 26 larger county divisions.

Lane County Snapshot: Environmental Public Health Tracking

The CDC's National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network has put together health, demographic and environment data for Lane County and other regions around the United States. Check out our snapshot and learn more! 

In-depth Topical Reports

2000-2016 Suicide in Lane County

Suicide is a significant public health problem that can have devastating and lasting impacts on individuals, families and communities. This report presents the first analysis of suicide mortality in our region and provides recommendations for the general public, policy makers, medical and behavioral healthcare providers, social service agencies and schools.

2018 Lane County Community-Wide Pertussis Outbreak

The Oregon Health Authority has published a summary of the 2018 community-wide pertussis outbreak in Lane County. The report is available here

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