Unclaimed Property

Sheriff's Badge


The Lane County jail has in its possession the unclaimed personal property of the individuals listed below.  If you have any ownership interest in any of that unclaimed property, you must file a claim at the Lane County Jail, 101 W 5th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401, within 60 days from the date of publication of this notice, or you will lose your interest in that property.

Jonathan Appelt                    Book

Derek Benadum                    Eyeglasses and papers

Daniel Brumlow                    Legal papers

Landon Henry                       Book

Alexander Konoff                  Black plastic bag with bedding

Samuel McElmeel                  Clear plastic bag of property

Izaak Smith                            Black plastic bag of property

Shaun Wood                          Sealed jail property bag

Property is being stored in the “Outside Property Storage” in Secure Parking at LCACF.