Changing Ownership

Every home ownership‐related application requires a Lane County Tax Certificate, regardless of the transaction. This document ensures there are no delinquent taxes.



  • Newly built home being registered to the first owner(s)
  • Home that has just recently been removed from “exempt” status
  • Home that is being moved into Oregon from another state 
  • Home is being moved into Lane County from another Oregon county 

Items needed for MHODS:

  • Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application for New and Used Homes (form 2952). The application indicates that the form may be filed with the county assessor. There are some counties in Oregon that process the applications, Lane County is not one of those counties. All completed forms are to be submitted to MHODS.
  • Manufactured Certificate of Origin (newly built homes), provided by the manufacturer or dealer 
  • Valid county Tax Certification 
  • $55 ownership document fee



  • Transferring ownership resulting from a sale or inheritance
  • Adding new co-owner
  • Removing an existing owner
  • Transferring home in or out of a trust

Items needed for MHODS:

**If ownership changes into or out of a trust, the following additional document is required by MHODS:

**If ownership changes due to death, the following additional documents are required by MHODS:

Right of Survivorship 

Established at the time ownership is recorded on a home. If selected, it means that if there are two or more owners, and one or more of the owners dies, the surviving owner automatically inherits the deceased’s share of the property.

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