RMV - Real Market Value of all property, real and personal, means the amount in cash that could reasonable be expected to be paid by an informed buyer to an informed seller, each acting without compulsion in an arm's-length transaction occurring as of the assessment date for the tax year.
MAV - A property's Maximum Assessed Value (MAV) is the taxable value limit established for each property.  The first MAV for each property was set in the 1997-98 tax year.  For that year, the MAV was the property's 1995-96 RMV minus 10 percent.  For example, if a residential property had a RMV of $100,000 for the 1995-96 tax year, it's 1997-98 MAV would have been $90,000.  MAV can increase for only two reasons: a 3 percent annual increase or specific property events.  The maximum assessed value of property equals 103 percent of the property's assessed value from the prior year or 100 percent of the property's maximum assessed value from the prior year, whichever is greater.
AV - The Assessed Value (AV) of property equals the lesser of: The property's maximum assessed value; or the property's real market value.
SAV - Specially Assessed Value applies to property that is used-assessed such as qualifying farm and forestland and certain multiple-housing units.
Mass Appraisal - Mass appraisal is the systematic appraisal of groups of properties as of a given date using standardized procedures and statistical testing.