Victim Services at Youth Services

Lane County Youth Services
Juvenile Justice Center
2727 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97401
(Across from Autzen Stadium)


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***If you are a victim of a crime committed by an adult, please call the District Attorney's Victim Services Division at (541) 682-4523.***

Lane County Youth Services (YS), Victim Services is committed to responding effectively to the needs and concerns of community members who are the victims of crimes committed by youth.

Victims of youth crime have rights and access to services that can be requested through our office, including:

  • to be informed of and to attend court hearings;

  • to share a statement regarding the impact of the crime;

  • to have a meaningful role in the juvenile justice process;

  • to be referred to a victim offender mediation program; and

  • to obtain certain information about the youth.