Redistricting Maps

November 1, 2021: The Independent Redistricting Committee voted to send the following maps forward to the Board of County Commissioners:

Map Details: Map Summary:
1.  J_Submitted_October_14         Map J Summary
2. Q Submitted_October_21         Map Q Summary
3. C_Submitted_October 6 Map C Summary

View the Independent Redistricting Report to the County Commissioners 

View All Written Public Comment to the IRC (10/25, 10/28, 11/1, 11/4)

On Thursday, October 28, 2021:
The Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC) voted on sending three maps (Map J, Map Q and Map C) in ordinance form onto the Board of County Commissioners for consideration and adoption.  

Map Selection Vote by the Committee:  October 25, 2021
October 28,2021


Monday, October 25th:   The Independent Redistricting Committee narrowed down the number of maps under consideration.  After two rounds of voting, the following four maps are now under consideration for final vote on Thursday, October 28th: 

Map Details: Map Summary:
C_Submitted_October 6 Map C Summary
J_Submitted_October_14 Map J Summary
Q Submitted_October_21 Map Q Summary
R_Submitted_October_22 Map R Summary

Next Step: Final Vote on Thursday, October 28th, to determine which maps (from the 4 above) will be sent to the Board of County Commissioners.


Update Monday, October 25th:
As of the morning on Monday, October 25th, one additional map, Map P, was withdrawn from the selection pool by the map maker, leaving a total of eight (8) Maps for the IRC to consider. If you click on a map link below, you will be viewing a small pdf booklet (roughly 5-7 pages) that consists of a summary page (including population breakdown by district) as well as a one page visual summary for each district. For each page, you will be able to zoom in quite close in order to see street level detail. 

Eight (8) possible maps for IRC consideration on Monday, October 25th:

C_Submitted_October 6
H_Submitted_October 6
Q Submitted_October_21


The following is a list of Maps that had been submitted through Friday, October 22, 2021. The Independent Redistricting Committee has been creating and discussing map scenarios. As you can see, several maps have been submitted and several have been withdrawn and or adjusted. The above mentioned maps are the final maps in consideration to move forward to the next step. This site includes all of the maps that have been submitted by the IRC for discussion purposes. 

Submitted on October 22nd (Final Day for Minor Adjustments to Existing Maps):
S_Submitted_October_22 (Adjusted Map O)
R_Submitted_October_22 (Adjusted Map N)

Submitted for discussion at the October 21st Meeting:
Q Submitted_October_21 (Adjusted Map G)
P_Submitted_October_21 (Adjusted Map L) - (Withdrawn on Oct 25th)
O_Submitted_October_21 (Adjusted Map B) - (Withdrawn)

Submitted for discussion at the October 18th Meeting (Last Day for New Maps):
N_Submitted_October_18 (Withdrawn)
M_Submitted_October_18 (Withdrawn)

Submitted for discussion at the October 14th Meeting:

Submitted for discussion at the October 11th Meeting:
I_Submitted_October_11 (Withdrawn)

Submitted for discussion at the October 6th Meeting:
H_Submitted_October 6
G_Submitted_October 6 (Withdrawn)
F_Submitted_October 6 (Withdrawn)
E_Submitted_October 6 (Withdrawn)
D_Submitted_October 6 (Withdrawn)
C_Submitted_October 6
B_Submitted_October 6 (Withdrawn)
A_Submitted_October_6 (Withdrawn)