Charter Review Committee

Per Board direction, the Charter Review Committee will be reconvening for at least two more meetings scheduled for July 26 and July 29, 2024. Please see associated details under the CRC agendas and calendar.


Lane County government operates under a home rule charter approved by voters in 1962. In 2010, Lane County voters approved an amendment to the Charter directing the Board of Commissioners to convene a Charter Review Committee (CRC) for the purpose of reviewing and recommending changes or updates to the existing charter every ten years. The CRC is comprised of seven members. Each Commissioner appoints one member to the CRC, and those appointees nominate additional individuals to fill two at large positions to be appointed by the Board.

The CRC completed their duties as outlined in the Lane County Charter when they presented their final report and recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on October 10, 2023. There are currently no regularly scheduled meetings for the CRC; however, should the need arise to reconvene the current CRC before their term ends on October 11, 2024, notice and details will be posted accordingly.

Would you like to be included in the interested parties list? Please sign up using the Charter Review Committee Updates form at the bottom of the page.
Staff Contact
Jenna Cusimano
Phone: (541) 682-3747
Email: [email protected]

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