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County Equity Officer

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Shayna Higashi (she, her)
Equity Program Analyst

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Our Equity Mission:
Lane County is a place where all individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, socioeconomic status, or any other identity marker, have equal opportunities to live, work, and play. We work to identify and dismantle systemic and cultural barriers perpetuating inequality and create inclusive environments that foster diversity, equity, and belonging. Equity work recognizes that achieving true equity requires ongoing, intentional effort and a commitment to continuous learning, growth, and action.

How we are going about this work:

At Lane County, we strive for a just and equitable community where every resident has access to the resources and opportunities they need to live, work, and play
. We believe that equity is not a stand-alone initiative, but a fundamental principle that must be embedded and integrated into every aspect of our work. Our commitment to equity is woven into our policies, practices, and decision-making processes, and we actively work to dismantle systemic barriers and promote inclusion and belonging for all.

2024-2027 Equity Strategic Plan (view document here)
Context: The Equity Strategic Plan builds on our ongoing commitment to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. It aims to propel Lane County further toward more equitable governance, transitioning from our current Racial Equity Plan to the 2024-2027 Equity Strategic Plan.

It's important not to perceive every goal, strategy, or tactic as an entirely new idea; rather, view it as a comprehensive roadmap that focuses on bringing these various efforts together. Embracing a collective impact approach, this plan acknowledges that some strategies and initiatives may not be solely driven by the equity program and instead driven by other teams. Therefore, the perspectives and contributions of these individuals and teams were centered in creating this plan.

Process and Timeline: The 2024-2027 Equity Strategic Plan was collaboratively developed by various Lane County employees and groups. The plan is set for adoption in Fiscal Year 2024 (July) with a goal to complete it by the end of Fiscal Year 2027. An annual review will be presented to our executive leadership team to monitor progress.


  1. Align our county-wide equity efforts.
  2. Use disaggregated data to measure progress of equity efforts and for decision-making.
  3. Cultivate a culture of belonging in which all employees, especially those from historically and currently underserved communities, can fully thrive and succeed.
  4. Secure ongoing financing and effectively resource our equity work across the organization.
  5. Foster an inclusive and equitable framework for community engagement and civic participation.

How we got here:

1992-2012: Lane County had ongoing human rights efforts with an advisory body appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

2014: Lane County received a community request to re-establish the Human Rights Advisory Committee.

2014: The County Administrator and Interim Director of Operations participated in a series of meetings with community members that led to a larger community conversation about needs and plans around human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion, and access, and what gaps the County had a role in filling.

2014: The top three priorities identified by community stakeholders were improving recruitment, retention and advancement, establishing a culture in Lane County that engages in courageous conversations, and institutionalizing equity work.

October 2015: The Board of County Commissioners approved a framework to create a Human Rights Advisory Board, institutionalize equity efforts, improve recruitment, selection, retention, and advancement, require annual equity and access training for Lane County employees, and engage community partners as an equity and service resource.

September 2016: Lane County hired an Equity and Access Coordinator.

February 2017: The Lane County Equity and Access Advisory Board was formed.

June 2018: Lane County Health and Human Services and County Administration brought forward a Health Equity Proposal that included making a public commitment to advancing equity in Lane County, developing a Health Equity Strategic Plan, and institutionalizing and embedding equity practices.

June 2019-February 2020: Nine County staff participated in the NW learning cohort through the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (G.A.R.E.).

Fall 2019: The GARE cohort, the County Commissioners, Department Directors, and the Equity and Education (E2) Committee attended a series of meetings to identify the top equity priorities for Lane County.

2021-2022: The Lane County Racial Equity Plan was adopted in January of 202 following a robust engagement effort with staff from all levels, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Equity and Access Advisory Board. The plan includes the following three priorities: 

  • Normalize racial equity through training and communication
  • Organize by strengthening the equity program
  • Operationalize racial equity through the establishment and implementation of an equity lens
2022: The Equity Team was expanded to include both an Equity Manager and an Equity Program Analyst to help guide the work and priorities for Lane County.

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