Child Abuse

Child abuse is defined in Oregon law.  The different categories are:

- Physical abuse; 
- Mental injury;
- Sexual abuse;
- Neglect;
- Threatened harm; 
- Buying or selling a child;
- Permitting a person younger than 18 years of age to enter or remain in or upon premises where methamphetamines are being manufactured;
- Unlawful exposure to a controlled substance, as defined in ORS 475.005, that subjects a child to a substantial risk or harm to the child's health or safety

You should report any reasonable suspicion of abuse; you do not have to prove it. If you suspect a child has been abused, phone your local DHS office to discuss your concerns with a staff person who is CPS-trained. 

To report child abuse or neglect in Lane County call:  855-503-7233.

Oregon Department of Human Services
Abuse Reporting Numbers

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