Domestic Violence

A victim of domestic violence is a person who has suffered physical abuse, harassment, menacing or other injury caused by someone they are related to or with whom they have or have had an intimate relationship.  Domestic violence is a crime.  The Lane County District Attorney's Office recognizes that domestic violence devastates victims, children, and the community at large.  As a result we aggressively prosecute all cases of domestic violence in an effort to combat this unique and all too common crime.  Safety and intervention for the victims and children who witness violence are our primary concerns.  Speedy and effective intervention to hold abusers accountable for their actions, coupled with lengthy and intensive supervision and treatment are the keys to successful intervention.

When t
he police are called to a domestic disturbance, the officer must take the suspect to jail if there is good reason to believe that a crime has been committed and if the suspect is still on the premises. 

The police forward their reports to the District Attorney's Office for review and to determine if charges should be filed.  The decision to prosecute is made by the District Attorney's Office and not by the victim.  Although the victim's wishes are taken into consideration, other important factors are considered as well.  These include the nature and extent of the victim's injuries, use of a weapon by the suspect, alcohol and/or drug involvement, the presence or involvement of children in the alleged abuse, and past history of abusive behavior by the suspect.

The defendant will usually be released from custody while the case is pending, either on a recognizance agreement or after posting a security deposit (also called bail).  At the time of release, the defendant must sign an agreement with conditions including no direct or indirect contact with the victim or the victim's family while the case is pending.  This means no contact in person, by phone, by letter or text or e-mail, or through a third party.  This no contact condition is for the protection of the victim.  Violations of the release agreement should be reported to the police.

If you would like to be notified of the defendant's release from custody, you may register through the Oregon VINE service by calling 1-877-OR-4-VINE (1-877-674-8463) or on-line at  VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is an automated system of notification.

State of Oregon Domestic Violence Victim Services