Forensic Behavioral Health Programs

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Sr. Office Assistant
Suzette Van Meter

Clinical Supervisor: 
Michelle Cannavino, LPC

Civil Commitment
Aid & Assist (.370)
Forensic Intensive Treatment Team (FITT)

Clinical Supervisor: 
Tom Gerding, LPC
Forensic Outpatient
Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB)
Protective Services Investigation (PSI)


The Forensic Program serves a unique population of individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and who are currently involved in the Criminal Justice System. The program also serves those individuals who may be in need on involuntary treatment due to dangerousness to self and/or others. 

The programs are listed below:

Civil Commitment

Oregon law is designed to protect civil liberties. However, there are special circumstances in which the law allows for the involuntary hospitalization of individuals who are deemed to have a mental disorder and who may be dangerous to themselves, dangerous to others, or unable to care for their basic personal needs. Additionally, based on an individual’s history of multiple recent hospitalizations, civil commitment could be considered.

Civil commitment requires two petitioners to complete an affidavit describing the allegedly mentally ill individual’s symptoms and behavior that is required by the Oregon statutes. An investigator from Lane County Behavioral Health will assist with the petitioning process and guide the commitment process through the circuit court. If an individual is civilly committed he or she is placed under the supervision of the state mental health division for a period of time not to exceed 180 days.

Commitment Investigators:
Cynthia Jordan, LMFT
Sarah Pruett, LCSW

Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB)

PSRB is a supervised program that may be available to those individuals, through the criminal justice system, who have a persistent mental illness and has asserted the guilty except for insanity defense to a criminal charge.

PSRB Liaison:
Moriah Doyle, LPC Intern

Aid & Assist Program (.370)

The Aid & Assist program (ORS 161.370) may be available to those individuals, through the criminal justice system, who have a persistent mental illness and are determined to be in need of a fitness determination on competency to answer to their charges and aid in their defense. 

Clinical Team:
Kaely Haskins, CSWA
Baylee Carter, CSWA
Arminda Barnes, CSWA
Enika Ridgway, QMHA

Forensic Outpatient Services

The Forensic Outpatient program may be available to those individuals who have a persistent mental illness, are in need of mental health treatment and who are currently involved in Municipal and/or Circuit Court.

Services may be available to those individuals who have a persistent mental illness, are in need of mental health treatment, and are willing to participate in a program designed to keep an individual out of jail and/or prison and are currently involved in the criminal justice system.

Clinical Team:
Tabitha Jones, LPC Intern
Carley Tarantino, CSWA
Bryan Phillips, QMHA
Daniel Jenkins, QMHA, PSS
Michelle Willings, PSS

Forensic Intensive Treatment Team (FITT)

The FIT Team is a brand new team created to work with individuals who have one or more behavioral health disorders, and are booked into a jail an average of four or more times in a one year period or are high utilizers of criminal justice resources, hospital or urgent healthcare resources, or institutional placements. FITT is able to create wraparound community care that includes mental health and substance use treatment that actively engages individuals on a long-term basis in order to establish the trust required to work with this disenfranchised population.

FITT coordinates with our crisis system partners and enhance the coordination and advocacy within the criminal justice and housing systems. The court liaisons assess, coordinate and recommended treatment for individuals before their court case, thus allowing the justice system to entertain other options more conducive to the reduction of criminal behaviors. The FIT Team also coordinates with Human Services homeless outreach teams to ensure that individuals are able to address their mental health, substance abuse, criminality, and home instability needs within a coordinated system of care.

Clinical Team:

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Peer Support Specialist:
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Sarah Farish
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