Staff Directory

Management Team

Health and Human Services Director
Eve Gray 541-682-3942 [email protected]
Health and Human Services Assistant Director
Kachina Inman 541-682-7492 [email protected]
Developmental Disabilities Division Manager
Carla Tazumal 541-682-3872 [email protected]
Program Manager
Brooke Emery 541-682-3058 [email protected]
Senior Management Analyst
Mark Phinney 541-682-2637 [email protected]
Management Analyst
Ashley Brown 541-682-6747 [email protected]
Administrative Team Supervisors
Amanda Thorne 541-682-3915 [email protected]
Christi Hedlind 541-682-2403 [email protected]
Adult Residential Team Supervisors
Patrick Johnson 541-682-3310 [email protected]
Greta Hilty 541-682-3110 [email protected]
Adult In Home Team Supervisors
Josh Hartley 541-682-6611 [email protected]
Tony Kincaid 541-682-3932 [email protected]
Adult Protective Services Team/DDS Foster Licensing & Certification Team Supervisor
Tad Larez 541-682-3918 [email protected]
Children Team Supervisors
Chris Peck 541-682-4208 [email protected]
Rhonda Griffiths 541-682-3903 Rh[email protected]
ONA Assessors /Intake and Eligibility Team Supervisor
Becca English-Ross 541-682-2041 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Sharon Kimelblot 541-682-4117 [email protected]

Administrative Support Team

Administrative Team Supervisor
Christi Hedlind 541-682-2403 [email protected]
Office Assistant 2s
Katie McDonald 541-682-2428 [email protected]
Allisa Owen 541-682-2639 [email protected]
Jerry Randall 541-682-6297 [email protected]
Susan Stansbury 541-682-4028 [email protected]
Everly Triplett 541-682-6730 [email protected]
Holly Woodward 541-682-2638 [email protected]
Administrative Team Supervisor
Amanda Thorne 541-682-3915 [email protected]
Office Assistant 2s
Moana Brown 541-682-3865 [email protected]
Andrea Luddeckens 541-682-2641 [email protected]
Senior Office Assistants
Diana Avery 541-682-6737 [email protected]
Angel Doney 541-682-3454 [email protected]
Gwen Gibson 541-682-2040 [email protected]
Jim Larson 541-682-6572 [email protected]
Virginia Sandoval 541-682-4207 [email protected]
Heather Shaffer 541-682-6749 [email protected]

Adult Residential Team

Adult Residential Team Supervisor
Patrick Johnson 541-682-3310 [email protected]
Service Coordinators
Will Fanning 541-682-3457 [email protected]
Hannah Fernandez 541-682-3458 [email protected]
Daylene Holmes - Lead 541-682-3686 [email protected]
Kristen Hutchinson 541-682-2926 [email protected]
Bridget Jenkins 541-682-4301 [email protected]
Jessica Kephart 541-682-4316 [email protected]
Kelly McCarthy 541-682-6590 [email protected]
Tina Torti 541-682-4205 [email protected]
Misty White 541-682-4585 [email protected]
Adult Residential Team Supervisor
Greta Hilty 541-682-3110 [email protected]
Service Coordinators
Sara Chambers 541-682-3801 [email protected]
Crystal Fletcher - Lead 541-682-2493 [email protected]
Jeannie Jacobsen 541-682-2084 [email protected]
Jamie Joshua 541-682-4403 [email protected]
Shane Mackey 541-682-3580 [email protected]
Melissa Miller - DRC 541-682-3123 [email protected]
Molly Simons-Kimball 541-682-2921 [email protected]
Peri Williamson - DRC 541-682-4380 [email protected]

Adult In Home Team

Adult In Home Team Supervisor
Josh Hartley 541-682-6611 [email protected]
Service Coordinators
Deborah Brady- Bilingual 541-682-3196 [email protected]
Jacob Craven 541-682-3069 [email protected]
Faith Cunningham - Lead 541-682-3985 [email protected]
Allison Davis - Lead 541-682-6582 [email protected]
Ed Denton 541-682-3873 [email protected]
Alexei Martin 541-682-6592 [email protected]
Zak Nussbaum 541-682-4488 [email protected]
Ryan Pollard 541-682-3392 [email protected]
Matthieu Shanahan 541-682-4515 [email protected]
Adult In Home Team Supervisor
Tony Kincaid 541-682-3932 [email protected]
Service Coordinators
Denise Bolton 541-682-6425 [email protected]
Allison Davis - Lead 541-682-6582 [email protected]
Kainoa Ebaniz 541-682-3579 [email protected]
Susanne Feigum 541-682-3091 [email protected]
Lewis Garchow 541-682-3168 [email protected]
Jerry Gasiewicz 541-682-2923 [email protected]
Hannah Dickinson 541-682-7466 [email protected]
Sebastian McBennett 541682-2380 [email protected]
Valerie Morales 541-682-6311 [email protected]
Devon Orr 541-682-3891 [email protected]
Michael Pagalan 541-682-3032 [email protected]

Childrens Team

Childrens Team Supervisor
Rhonda Griffiths 541-682-3903 [email protected]
Service Coordinators
Marci Brinks 541-682-3160 [email protected]
Tammy Brown 541-682-7416 [email protected]
Luci Camorani 541-682-2642 [email protected]
Sara Goddard-Trenholm - Lead 541-682-2305 [email protected]
Lauren Hamilton 541-682-2401 [email protected]
Veronica Herrera- Bilingual 541-682-7475 [email protected]
Crystal Phillips 541-682-3661 [email protected]
Jenelle Pope 541-682- [email protected]
Hannah Salo 541-682-6557 [email protected]
Aman Singh [email protected]
Cady Wills 541-682-4174 [email protected]
Childrens Team Supervisor
Chris Peck 541-682-4208 [email protected]
Service Coordinators
Robin Bergland 541-682-4492 [email protected]
Viviana Calvillo - Bilingual 541-682-2642 [email protected]
Jody Emert 541-682-4055 [email protected]
Andra Olazabal 541-682-3814 [email protected]
Sergio Garcia-Avalalo 541-682-6738 [email protected]
John Sandreth 541-682-6594 [email protected]
Alice Smith 541-682-6589 [email protected]
Colin Spousta 541-682-3041 [email protected]
Nancy Williamson - Lead 541-682-6785 [email protected]
Katy Wooley 541-682-4102 [email protected]

ONA Assessors Team

ONA Assessors Team Supervisor
Becca English-Ross 541-682-2041 [email protected]
ONA Assessors
Luke Arnold - Lead 541-682-7480 [email protected]
Amy Bray - Bilingual 541-682-3996 [email protected]
Dyan Campbell 541-682-2034 [email protected]
Carrie Davis 541-682-3394 [email protected]
Kathy Douglass 541-682-3037 [email protected]
Patrice Handsaker 541-682-2907 [email protected]
Stef Jackson 541-682-3709 [email protected]
Leslie Mathewson 541-682-4096 [email protected]
Debra Sweaney 541-682-3097 [email protected]
Alex Williams 541-682-6530 [email protected]

Intake and Eligibility Team

Intake and Eligibility Team Supervisor
Becca English-Ross 541-682-2041 [email protected]
Intake and Eligibility Specialists
Courtney Boyce - Lead 541-682-6564 [email protected]
Susie Clements 541-682-6787 [email protected]
Katie Dorman 541-682-6697 [email protected]
Eliborio Limon - Bilingual 541-682-4217 [email protected]
Nate Rotella 541-682-4268 [email protected]

Adult Protective Services Team

Adult Protective Services Team Supervisor
Tad Larez 541-682-3918 [email protected]
Abuse Investigators/ Screeners
Jason Galon 541-682-4515 [email protected] 
Chuck Miller 541-682-6736 [email protected]
Nancy Schwan-Howard 541-682-3117 [email protected]

DDS Foster Home Licensing and Certification Team

DDS Foster Licensing Team Supervisor
Tad Larez 541-682-3918 [email protected]
DDS Foster Home Coordinators
Isaac Dickman Waas 541-682-3319 [email protected]
Shannon Holding 541-682-4524 [email protected]
Joshua Mooney 541-682-3917 [email protected]
Molli Thornton 541-682-7472 [email protected]