Human Services Plan

On October 19th, 2009, the proposed Human Service Plan for Lane County, a year long effort to help develop a 10-year long-range blueprint for human services, was presented to the Human Services Commission (HSC) by Program and Policy Insight, LLC (PPI). The plan is intended to serve as a strategic policy guide for HSC and jurisdictional decision making for funding human services. Priorities identified in the planning process will guide the distribution of operating funds for human service programs offered by community-based non-profit and public agencies, on behalf of Lane County and the Cities of Eugene and Springfield. Staff is currently working with PPI to finish the report for publication. 

The planning process had two primary goals: 1) to provide an assessment of human service priorities based on targeted community and stakeholder input; and 2) to provide a strategic framework for funding decisions in a variety of funding climates. The plan envisions the impact that varying levels (four options) of financial support would have on what can be accomplished to prevent, intervene and treat the root causes of social problems for people in Lane County.

Human service priorities will be based on the changing needs of county residents, and will note the fluid state of the economy, the growing diversity, the aging population, and increasing capacity to collaborate within the service providing community.

PPI relied on a combination of primary and secondary data to inform the development of the plan, including the key data sources described as follows:

Review of existing data:

  • Reviewed existing economic and service indicators, planning instruments, needs assessments and other key documents that inform local policy, program and funding decisions to describe the context in Lane County during the planning process.

Stakeholder interviews

  • Interviewed key public and private community stakeholders for their input on the economic and political climate and its impact on the development and delivery of human services
  • Nine community stakeholders interviewed.

Focus groups/Community Engagement Forums

  • Conducted five focus groups with a diverse range of stakeholders, including youth, seniors and persons with disabilities, families, singles and homeless individuals, and Latino individuals
  •  Five focus groups conducted, representing over 70 focus group respondents.
  • Conducted four community engagement forums in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove and Florence to provide information about the planning process and invite input.

Community survey

  • Developed and administered a stakeholder survey administered online and in writing via Project Homeless Connect, community forums, and project focus groups; 
  • 476 responses were collected.

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