Healthcare Integration Collaborative (HIC)

Mission Statement:
The Health Care Integration Collaborative (HIC) is open to all interested participants focused on collaborative relationships between primary care, mental health, and substance abuse recovery providers and organizations. The purpose of the HIC is to advance coordination, collaboration and integration across disciplines to better meet the health needs of the adult population in Lane County. The HIC meets monthly and has regular attendance from primary care, mental health, substance abuse treatment and recovery, CCO, oral health, justice, and social services professionals as well as other community-based organizations.

Background & Community Involvement:
The HIC was initiated by a community event in October 2019 that included 70 individuals involved in local helping professions. Recent meetings have had representation from Lane County Human Services, Springfield Family Physicians, Center for Family Development, Trillium Community Health Plan, Eugene/Springfield EMS, Springfield Treatment Center, Ideal Option, Lane County Community Health Centers, Centro Latino Americano, Oregon Social Learning Center, Laurel Hill Center, Willamette Family, Pacific Source Community Solutions, and South Lane Mental Health. 

Community Meeting:
Meetings are on the 4th Monday of every month, 3:30 - 5:00 PM, location varies

Co Chairs: Britni D'Eliso (PacificSource) Teresa Roark (Lane County H&HS) and Tara McCullers (LaneCare Trillium Behavioral Health) 

HIC Meeting Minutes
1.2022 No Meeting
2.2022 HIC Minutes
4.2022 HIC Minutes

5.2022 HIC Minutes
1.2021 HIC Annual Review Minutes
2.2021 HIC Minutes
3.2021 HIC Minutes
4.2021 HIC Minutes
5.2021 HIC Minutes
6.2021HIC Minutes
7.2021 HIC Minutes
8.2021 No Meeting
9.2021 HIC Minutes
10.2021 No Meeting
11.2021 HIC Minutes
12.2021 No Meeting

1.2020 HIC Minutes
2.2020 HIC Minutes
3.2020 No Meeting
4.2020 HIC Minutes
5.2020 HIC Minutes
6.2020 HIC Minutes
7.2020 HIC Minutes
8.2020 HIC Minutes
9.2020 HIC Minutes
10.2020 HIC Minutes
11.2020 HIC Minutes
12.2020 No Meeting


12.2019 Meeting


Submit a Community Barrier for Resolution for Adults:
Use the form below to submit a community challenge, concern in practice or policy, or barrier to accessing services for the adult population. 

--Online Fillable Form:
Healthcare Integration Barrier Submission Fillable Form
--Online Survey Form: Healthcare Integration Barrier Submission Survey Form

Barrier submission process
Past and Current Barriers for Resolution for Adults

--Barrier Status At-A-Glance: HIC Barrier Tracking Document

--Serving individuals with comorbid medical and SUD conditions: HIC Barrier Submissions Follow Up
--Insufficient Care Coordination for BH Services and Supports for Older Adults and People with Disabilities: HIC Barrier Submissions Follow Up

Submit a Community Barrier for Resolution for Children and Youth:
Use the form below to submit a barrier related to children and youth
--Online Survey Form: Healthcare Integration Barrier Submission Survey Form
for more information.

Healthcare Integration Toolkit:
Click here to view the toolkit
The Standardized Referral Form is available within the Healthcare Integration Toolkit and can be found at this link.

Use this toolkit to empower providers and community partners toward a more fully integrated healthcare system, via standardized processes and utilization of Traditional Health Workers.

Traditional Health Worker Presentation:
Click here to view the presentation 
Please note: Presented at the HIC August 2020. Information shared in this presentation may change over time. Contact information is listed at the end of the presentation. Please feel free to reach out to the contacts to confirm information.