System of Care

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The System of Care (SOC) brings together youth, families, and community partners to work collaboratively to improve the services and supports available to children, youth, and families who have complex and significant behavioral and mental health needs in our region. We strive to break local cross-sector barriers that exist within the systems that serve our children, youth, and families in Lane County. The System of Care is how a community comes together to support our children and families while promoting their voices and experiences as the guiding force for positive change within our community.

The goal is to create an array of services and supports that are youth and family-driven, community-based, and culturally and linguistically responsive.

SOC Vision: Lane County children and youth aged 0-25 and their families have a supportive community and enough resources to be healthy, secure, strong and successful. 

SOC Mission: Our System of Care works together to fix system barriers, identify service gaps and needs, and helps create and support opportunities to improve services and supports in Lane County.