Early Childhood Mental Health Workgroup

The ECMH is a workgroup of the Behavioral Health Advisory Systems Committee which meets virtually via Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 9:00am - 10:30am. Contact  [email protected] to request a meeting invite.

Guiding Principles of the ECMH

Caregiver and childhood relationships are the key to emotional, social, cognitive, and physical health.
Specialized training is needed to assess and treat children younger than 5 years of age.
Cultural, socioeconomic and environmental factors are essential to understanding how to assist the family.

Below is a map to help find local ECMH providers: download by clicking here

What is Early Childhood Mental Health? Children aged 0‐5 are brimming with skills in resilience and courage, as they navigate a myriad of developmental and experiential milestones. Social, emotional and mental supports provided to this age group play an essential role in enhancing those skills, to assist these children as they encounter potential traumas, emotional detachments or biological and developmental delays.

These supports can be accessed via specific mental health care that is shaped around the needs of the child and their caregivers and comprised of interactive processes to support the development of the entire family unit.  Early childhood focused mental health services function as an umbrella over:

  • intentional prenatal care
  • diagnostic clarity regarding mental health conditions
  • identification of developmental delays
  • interdisciplinary and cross‐collaborative treatment

ECMH Provider Map

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