Treatments, Prenatal, and Parenting Resources

This following resource listings contain information about available evidence-based treatments (EBT) and models in Lane County. It is intended to be used by the community and providers to ensure communication about the Oregon Health Authority recommended  mental health treatments for the early childhood population and their families. Click on the link above to learn more about why OHA is recommending these treatments for the early childhood population.

If you are looking for culturally-specific behavioral health resources, NAACP has put together this grid document.

What is Early Childhood Mental Health?

Children aged 0-5 are brimming with skills in resilience and courage, as they navigate a myriad of developmental and experiential milestones. Social, emotional and mental supports provided to this age group play an essential role in enhancing those skills, to assist these children as they encounter potential traumas, emotional detachments or biological and developmental delays. These supports can be accessed via specific mental health care that is shaped around the needs of the child and their caregivers and comprised of interactive processes to support the development of the entire family unit. Early childhood focused mental health services function as an umbrella over intentional prenatal care, diagnostic clarity regarding mental health conditions and developmental delays, and interdisciplinary and cross-collaborative treatment; and they can be offered across various settings of benefit to the child including schools, health clinics, family homes, telehealth platforms, etc.

OHA Recommended Evidence-Based Treatments (age 6 and under)

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): A therapeutic intervention for children ages 2-6 experiencing significant social, emotional, or behavioral challenges. Participation in this treatment can improve child behavior, positive communication, and parenting skills. The therapist will observe (outside of the room) interactions between parent(s) and child and provide guidance to the parent(s) through wireless communication.

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP):
A mental health treatment for children ages 0-6 with a goal to strengthen the child and primary caregiver’s relationship as a way to protect the child’s mental health. The treatment involves creating a narrative of psychological trauma events to identify traumatic triggers to address dysregulated behaviors. The average treatment length is 50 weekly sessions.

Generation Parent Model Training Oregon (Generation PMTO):
A parent training intervention that can be used as a preventative/treatment program. It is tailored for specific child/youth clinical problems, substance abuse, child neglect and abuse. Goals include increasing positive parenting practices, social competency and peer relations in youth, academic performance and promoting reunification of families; and reducing intimidating family processes, internalizing and externalizing behaviors in youth, substance use and abuse in youth, delinquency, out-of-home placements, and deviant peer association. Recommended treatment duration is for 10-25 weekly 1-hour sessions.

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT):
A short-term treatment that helps children and adolescents recover after trauma; improving trauma symptoms and responses. Average sessions last anywhere from 8-25 with the child/adolescent and primary caregiver. An effective treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms however a PTSD diagnosis is not necessary to participate.


Services Offered










Looking Glass

Main Office: 260 E 11th Ave., Eugene

Additional offices in West- Eugene, Springfield, and Junction City

(541) 484-4428

Looking Glass Website





EMDR, CANS, play therapy, parent-child attachment therapy, LGBTQ+ Gender-affirming care and medical letter writing, adolescent substance use, youth and family peer support, skill building, psychiatry, school services. In person and telehealth services.

Oregon Community Programs (OCP)

1170 Pearl St., Eugene (541) 743-4340

OCP Website





Parenting through Change (PTC): group delivery of GenPMTO, PCIT- Toddler (PCIT-T), skills trainers, Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessments, Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC), EIFC (Early Intervention Foster Care (MTFC based)), IOSS, IIBHT, PCIT PSB,BRS services, foster parenting groups.

Options Counseling and Family


1255 Pearl St, Eugene Or 97401

Phone: (541) 687-6983

Options Counseling Website





Play Therapy, Early Childhood EMDR, Collaborative Problem Solving, Skill Building, CANS assessments and Parenting groups. All services can be in person or virtual.

Lane County Behavioral Health


2411 Martin Luther King Jr.

Blvd., Eugene (541) 682-1915

LCBH Website





Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving. CANS for enrolled clients all outpatient mental health services, and Autism and developmental screenings. Attachment Based Family therapy, case

management and referral services for enrolled clients



1255 Hilyard Street, Eugene (458) 205-7000

PeaceHealth BH Website





Crisis support via therapist or psychiatrist, Collaborative Problem Solving, skills trainers.


Eugene: 1720 West 25th Avenue

(541) 343-9706

Springfield: 850 S 42nd Street

(541) 485-0007

Relief Nursery Website






Crisis support, alcohol and drug recovery support for parents, Individual Play Therapy, skills development, Parent/Child Attachment Therapy.

Center for Family Development (CFD)

Office: 261 E. 12th Avenue,


(541) 342-8437

CFD Website







Substance use recovery, therapy groups, Video Feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting (VIPP), Pregnancy and Early Postpartum Groups, Zero to Three Parenting Groups, Positive Parenting Solutions group for parents of 3-6 year olds, Psychodiagnostic Evaluation and treatment planning for 0 to 6 year olds, Kindergarten readiness evaluation , Individual services for, perinatal depression and anxiety. All services are offered in Spanish and English.

The Child Center

Office: 3995 Marcola Rd,

Springfield (541) 726-1465

The Child Center Website





Crisis support, Collaborative Problem Solving, parenting groups, Intensive Day Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS).

South Lane Mental Health

Main Office: 1345 Birch Ave,

Cottage Grove, OR (541) 942-3939

SLMH Website





Crisis support, CANS, individual and family therapy, parenting groups, Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS), EMDR, play therapy, sensory integration, attachment interventions, maternal mental health, school-based services, and case management. NO Court Mandated Family Therapy.

Prenatal Programs 
Lane County Community Health Center - Charnelton Clinic
Spanish services available. 
Prenatal Clinic  provides prenatal care and maternity case management during their pregnancy, which includes education on the physical changes of pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, childbirth, infant health and parenting. 

Lane County Maternal Child Health Services
Spanish services available. 
(541) 682-8720
Babies First! An education and support program for women with social or health concerns during pregnancy. After the birth of their child the nurse helps identify and support children at risk for developmental delays or other health conditions. 
Oregon MothersCare (OMC) helps pregnant women enroll in Oregon Health Plan, provides education and support, helps find prenatal care, and assists with finding needed resources.
Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) connects first-time parents with a nurse early in pregnancy to receive ongoing visits that continue through the child’s second birthday.

McKenzie Midwives and Lactation Services

Certified Nurse Midwives provide complete prenatal 
care, birth, postpartum, and well-woman services. Birth 
attended at hospital. 

Relief Nursery 
Spanish services available. 
Eugene: (541) 343-9706 | Springfield: (541) 485-0007
Healthy Families is a voluntary weekly home visitation program for first time parents.
Healthy Families Program Website

South Lane Mental Health 

Clinicians who specialize in maternal mental health (individual therapy and medication management). 
SLMH Website

PeaceHealth Midwifery Services 
Certified Nurse Midwives provide complete prenatal 
care, birth, postpartum, and well-woman services. Birth 
attended at hospital. 

University of Oregon 
Birth Your Way offers free, virtually-delivered 60-90 perinatal support sessions to families on the Oregon Health Plan (prenatal to 12 months postpartum). For those not on OHP, the website offers a free birth prep packet. 
Birth Your Way Website

Center for Family Development

Spanish services available

Individual services for perinatal depression and anxiety, as well as Pregnancy and Early Postpartum groups to support the perinatal period and help prevent postpartum depression and anxiety.



Parenting Support Programs and Services

Centro Latino Americano
Serving the Spanish-speaking community
(541) 687-2667
Wraparound is a voluntary process where a child who has complex needs and is involved in at least 2 systems (e.g. mental health, Oregon Department of Human Services) is given a Wraparound Care Coordinator and team who works with the youth and family to develop a plan to create a safe and nourishing environment for the child.

Familias Poderosas / Empowered Families is a community café where leadership and social service navigation skills are strengthened. Participants also learn about parental resilience, parenting and child development, social and emotional competence of children, social connections, emotional supports, and civic involvement and political advocacy.

Lane County Maternal Child Health Services
Spanish services available. 
(541) 682-8720
CaCoon (Care Coordination) helps families with accessing needed services to support children that have special health care needs. Website

Looking Glass Counseling
Spanish services available. 
(541) 484-4428
Parenting services include STEP Program (parenting group), individual and family counseling, and Collaborative Problem Solving. Website

Oregon Family Support Network

Spanish services available.
(541) 342-2876
Wraparound Family Partner (this is an intensive program that is youth led and family driven. The youth must have mental health issues and involved in 2 or more systems), peer support, planned respite care, parenting groups, Collaborative Problem Solving, and free trainings for families. Website

Center for Family Development

Spanish services available
Pregnancy and Early Postpartum Groups, Zero to Three Parenting Groups, Positive Parenting Solutions group for parents of 3-6 year olds, Psychodiagnostic Evaluation and treatment planning for 0 to 6 year olds, Kindergarten readiness evaluation. All services are in Spanish as well.



Language Interpreter & Translation Information 

If you are an Oregon Health Plan Member you have a right to receive services in the language that will best meet your needs at no additional cost to you. Many insurance plans also provide this service at no additional cost to the member. 

Oregon Health Authority - Preferred Language Card Templates create business-size cards in Oregon's most frequently used languages that people with limited English proficiency (LEP) can carry in their wallets and show to their health care providers.

Here are some commonly used interpreter agencies:
Spanish translation services
Cross Cultural Now 
Spanish language solutions
Linguava - Point to Your Language (PDF) - highly recommended to have this document on hand for front line staff.
Linguava - How to Request Services (PDF)
Linguava - New Provider Create Account (PDF) 

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