Lane County Employee Inclement Weather Policy

Winter season and sometimes spring in Lane County can present us with weather events such as icy roads, snow, etc.

Lane County’s facilities will remain open even during inclement weather.  Employees who are unable to report to work or are forced to report late to work due to inclement weather conditions, or employees who wish to leave early in order to arrive home safely, are encouraged to discuss the issue with their supervisors.  

Employees may use Time Management (TM) to make up any hours remaining on their normal work schedule, or they may use leave without pay.  This is one of the very few exceptions when employees may take unpaid leave before all other leave banks are depleted.  

So even if you have accrued TM, comp time, personal time or even vacation time, you may use LWOP to leave early due to adverse weather conditions.

We realize that some employees will need to remain at work to perform critical services, and those staffing decisions will be made by individual departments. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Senior HR Business Partners in Human Resources.  Thank you and please drive safely.