Equivalency Language Information

What is considered Equivalent Experience
Lane County job classifications often list equivalency language; experience OR education that may qualify individuals to meet the minimum qualifications. If you have equivalent experience, you may be considered for employment without the required  Bachelors or other college degreeor certification. A job may require a high school diploma or the equivalent. In this case, the equivalent is typically a GED or another equivalency certificate.

Equivalent experience in a Lane County job posting means we MAY be able to consider experience in place of educational requirements UNLESS the position requires certification, licensure, etc.

Experience in Place of a Degree 
In many Lane County job postings, a degree may be listed, however, we will accept a combination of coursework and  experience, or related professional experience, as acceptable for consideration for a position.*

*UNLESS the position requires certification, licensure, etc.

Experience in Place of Work Experience
Experience other than on-the-job experience may suffice for work requirements. For example, we will consider a degree in a related field, coursework, leadership experience in clubs, volunteer work, internships, or community service in place of formal work experience.

Mentioning Equivalent Experience When You Apply

When you apply for jobs with Lane County, it's important to clearly state in your application, cover letter, resume, and interviews exactly what constitutes your equivalent experience.

Sample Education and Experience Equivalencies

Job Requirement Equivalent Experience
High School Diploma GED or other Equivalency Certification
Vocational/Trade School 1 year of related work experience OR Trade School Certificate/Diploma
Associate Degree 2 years of college or related work experience*
Associate Degree High School Diploma plus 2 years of experience*
Bachelor's Degree 4 years of related work experience*
Bachelor's Degree High School Diploma plus 4 years of experience
Master's Degree Bachelor's Degree plus 2 years of related experience*
Master's Degree High School Diploma plus 6 years of experience*

*One year of experience for equivalency purposes at Lane County is one year of full time experience, which is 2,080 hours.

If you have questions about whether or not  your experience is qualifying, please reach out to the Lane County Talent Acquisition team at: Lane County Talent Acquisition Team.