Sheriff's Office Minimum Requirements & Process

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Lane County Sheriff's Office examples of Minimum Standards and Disqualifying Factors

The following are minimum standards and examples that may cause your rejection for consideration as an applicant with the Lane County Sheriff's Office. This list is not all inclusive and only covers some typical examples:

  • Must be a high school graduate or have successfully passed G.E.D. equivalency test.
  • Must have valid Oregon Driver's License at time of appointment.
  • Application and background information must be furnished completely, accurately, legibly, truthfully without deception, gross error or pertinent omissions.
  • Applicants convicted of felony crimes will not be considered to advance further in the process.
  • Conviction of DUII within last three years.
  • Conviction of some misdemeanor crimes may be cause for rejection.
  • Conviction of domestic violence.
  • Multiple arrests without conviction.
  • Multiple traffic accidents.
  • Multiple traffic violations (for example: three moving violations in the last twelve months may cause rejection).
  • Conviction of major traffic crimes within last three years.
  • Multiple bankruptcies or repeated failure to pay just debts.
  • History of habitual use of alcohol without proven rehabilitation, including driving under the influence.
  • History of drug sales or of drug use, including marijuana, methamphetamine, LSD, etc., without proof of satisfactory rehabilitation.
  • History of mental, psychological or personality disorders, to include threats of self-destruction or suicide.
  • History indicating a propensity for violence, assault or inability to control one's temper and anger even under provoking circumstances.
  • History of physical or sexual abuse to family members.
  • History of multiple involvements in neighborhood disputes.
  • History of association with known criminals other than family members.
  • Any statement written or spoken that is verified to be untruthful.
  • Termination for cause or termination during probationary period from previous law enforcement or criminal justice employment.
  • History of any conduct that could reasonably be concluded would adversely affect the veracity, credibility, and/or ability to reach sound decisions and use good judgment in performance of duties.
  • History of injury or disability that may hinder ability to perform duties of a Deputy Sheriff when reasonable accommodation cannot be made.
  • A personal history that would bring disrepute, embarrassment, or lack of public support to the Lane County Sheriff's Office, if appointed.
  • Violation of department policies and/or procedures, rules and regulations after appointment to position.
  • Record over the past three years of excessive absenteeism or tardiness during your employment.
  • A history of job instability reflected by multiple changes in jobs and/or occupation over the past three years.
  • Failure to successfully complete or pass any portion of the selection process for this position, to include a no-hire recommendation by the department's psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Dishonorable discharge from military service for any of the reasons stated here.

Any applicant who is disqualified during our background process will not be considered for any position within the Lane County Sheriff's Office for a period of two years from the disqualification date.

Rejection for employment with the Lane County Sheriff's Office does not preclude an applicant from applying for another position of employment with Lane County.