Construction Services

Construction Engineering Services includes field engineering (construction management and inspection), utility coordination (permitting), and materials testing (quality control).  

3040 N Delta Hwy
Eugene, OR 97408

Phone: (541) 682-6995
Fax: (541) 682-8557

Construction Services
Steve Templin P.E.,  Program Manager 
Office: 541-682-6944
Cell: 541-543-6460

Materials Lab
Joe Strobel, Supervisor
Office: 541-682-6971
Cell: 503-964-2447

Jim Franklin, Utility Coordinator
Office: 541-682-8527
Cell: 541-225-7479

Right of Way Services
Acquiring Real Property for Public Improvement Projects - The County is authorized to acquire private property for public use.  Coupled with this duty goes the obligation to protect rights of individual property owners.  The County thus has a dual responsibility and obligation:

  • Protection of individuals rights are affected by acquisition of land, and
  • Provisions of competent and efficient service to the general public