Regional Transportation Planning

Lane County's transportation planning team participates in regional transportation planning, at the federal, state, and local levels of government. This work includes ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, competing for funding for programs and projects, and influencing policy. As a result, Lane County has been able to implement improvement projects through the Federal Lands Access Program and the State Transportation Improvement Program, for example.

Lane County is a member of the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which is an entity that drives from federal funding requirements and encompasses the area surrounding the cities of Eugene, Springfield, and Coburg. Lane County Commissioners are represented on the MPO's policy committee (MPC) and Lane County's transportation planning staff participate in the advisory committees of the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TASC).

Lane County is also a coordinating body for the 12 incorporated cities and rural communities. Lane County and each of the cities prepare Transportation System Plans (TSP), consistent with State requirements. Lane County co-adopts each of the city TSPs for applicability in the areas between the city's incorporated boundaries and urban growth boundaries.