Livestock Evacuation Planning

Lane County Animal Services wants YOU to have a plan and be prepared!


Level 1 (BE READY)

  • Know the location of all your animals (rotate animals out on pasture closer to your loading location, consider kenneling hard to catch barn cats etc.).
  • Top off all water troughs and available water containers.
  • Ensure vehicles are fueled, trailer tires have good air pressure and trailer lights work.
  • Make sure your human and animal “go kits” are ready to grab
  • Consider evacuating high needs/special needs animals or those that are difficult to load. *Please note: for capacity and resource purposes Lane County operated emergency livestock shelters are intended for level two and three evacuees*
  • Allow time for multiple trips!!
  • If you do NOT have your own trailer begin making phone calls to arrange for assistance should evacuation be necessary.


Level 2 (BE SET)

  • Your hauling vehicle(s) should be hooked up to your trailer(s) and ready to leave at a moment’s notice.  
  • Depending on your situation and the number of livestock you own, if you are relying on someone else to transport your animals ensure that person is on their way to help remove your animals.
  • Begin transporting all livestock (don’t forget a plan for your chickens!) and take everything you might need… you may not have the chance to return to your property!
  • Make the best decision for your safety and that of your livestock. IF YOU FEEL UNSAFE, DON'T WAIT TO EVACUATE.


Level 3 (GO NOW)

  • Leave immediately! Take the animals you have loaded and go, do not hesitate.
  • In fast moving events not all animals will be evacuated!
  • Report animals left behind to Lane County Animal Services! Only authorized Animal Search and Rescue personnel will be allowed through the roadblocks to retrieve animals left behind and to provide necessities to animals sheltering in place.

If you have questions please contact Lane County Animals Services at 541-682-3645 or [email protected].