Cities That Sell Their Own Pet Licenses

If you live in one of the incorporated cities listed below please call them and ask about the license process for that area. Thank you.

City  Phone Number
Coburg  (541) 682-7853
Cottage Grove  (541) 942-9145
Creswell  (541) 895-2531
Eugene (Pet Data)      (855) 328-1400
Junction City  (541) 998-1245
Lowell  (541) 937-2157
Oakridge  (541) 782-2258
Springfield  (541) 726-3634
Veneta     (541) 935-2191
Westfir  (541) 782-3983

Lane County Animal Services provides enforcement services on an as-needed basis only for cities that choose to maintain a current service contract with LCAS. Enforcement services must be requested by the City's designated coordinator.
For additional information on the enforcement services we provide, please click here.
For enforcement services for other areas in Lane County, please click here.