Land Management Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked to our staff in Land Management:

Can I divide my property?

What are my setbacks?

Is my property in the Floodplain?

Easy Property Information Lookup 
Floodplain Website  

If you are searching for a copy of previously completed elevation certificate please take some time to review the Planning Actions (509-PA-0####) for the property in question (LMD Pro). In addition, as the records are often attached with structure(s) on the property, you may need to also review Building Permits (509-BP-0####).” If you don’t have an elevation certificate, your first step will be to evaluate the property for floodplain using our Floodplain Website. Then depending on the presence and type of flood hazard area, you may consult with our Planner On Duty about next steps for your inquires.

How do I apply for a building permit?

How long does it take to review building permits?

My application/permit have not been approved/issued, but can I start work early on the site?

Similar Question: Can I start earthwork (grading/excavating), foundation installation, electrical service, and plumbing before my permit is issued?

Residential Work Exempt from Building Permits

What is the permit history for my property?

High Prairie Fire Evacuation Information -

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