Lane Events Center Update

Major League Baseball (MLB) is requiring minor league teams to begin operating from facilities that meet a new, higher level of standards. Due to the MLB requirements, the Eugene Emeralds (Ems) are in need of a new home. 

Lane County was approached by the Ems nearly two years ago as a possible partner in creating a new home for the team. We have been working with the Ems and other community partners to evaluate whether building a multi-use stadium at the Lane Events Center is feasible. 

Lane County recognizes how important the Ems are to our community. As a partner in this effort, Lane County must balance the value of the Ems and their contributions to the community with our commitment to being good stewards of the resources provided to us by taxpayers. Any solution must bring together adequate partnership from public and private sources to fund a new multi-use facility. 

Current status.

Lane County is on hold pending additional funding from private or public partners. The total estimated cost is $100,469,000 and the funding secured so far totals $29,961,000, not including the estimated $9,500,000 in land value Lane County is prepared to provide. The current unfunded cost is $70,508,000. ** These cost estimates were developed nearly a year ago. Costs have likely increased due to inflation and this estimate may no longer be accurate.**

budget chart
budget chart

Upcoming Board of County Commissioners discussion.

None at this time.

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