Slurry Seal Maps & Info

UPDATE 8/21/23: This year’s slurry seal project has been completed with the exception of a few repairs. Residents effected by repairs will be notified in advance of any impacts to travel or access. Thank you for your patience and participation in making this year’s project a success.

For additional questions regarding the slurry seal project you may call 541-682-8525 or email [email protected] 

Slurry Seal for the Game Farm/Hayden Bridge Neighborhoods is scheduled for August 7th through the 17th 
A printable version of the color coded map shown below is available by clicking the following hyperlink Color Map. Individual road lists for each day can be found below.

ROAD LISTS: A PDF version of the road list for each day is available by choosing the appropriate link below. 

Day 1: Monday - August 7th = (green)

Day 2: Tuesday - August 8th = (blue)

Day 3: Wednesday - August 9th = (purple)

Day 4: Thursday - August 10th = (yellow)

Day 5: Friday - August 11th = (light blue)

Day 6: Monday - August 14th = (pink)

Day 7: Tuesday - August 15th = (orange)

Day 8: Wednesday - August 16th = (grey)

Day 9: Thursday - August 17th = (red)

A printable version of the Door Hanger information shown below is available by clicking the following hyperlink Door Hanger.