Adult In Custody (AIC) Viewer

Sheriff's Office BadgePlease click the link to be redirected to the Inmate Viewer.

If you are looking for someone and their name does not appear, they are not currently in custody at our facility.  As the viewer no longer displays information about prior lodgings, you will need to contact the appropriate court to obtain historical custody information.

We will no longer be responding to blank texts with no information or requests for AIC information that are sent to the county webmaster.  Please call jail records at 541-682-4263 with specific questions.
Below are the contact numbers for some of the county courts:

Lane County Circuit Court  541-682-4020 
Eugene Municipal Court 541-682-5400
Springfield Municipal Court 541-726-3748 
Lane Justice Court 541-997-2535
Cottage Grove Municipal Court  541-942-3346
Florence Municipal Court                   541-997-3123
Junction City Municipal Court 541-998-1113
Coburg Municipal Court 541-682-7859 
Oakridge Municipal Court   541-782-2258

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