Civil Foreclosure - Real and Personal Property Sales

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The sheriff conducts judicial real property sales on a case-by-case basis. Judicial real property sales are advertised in the Register-Guard newspaper and on the Oregon State Sheriff's Association website (OSSA).  Sheriff's Office Real Property Sales are held Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am in the front lobby of the Sheriff's Office; located at 125 E 8th Avenue, Eugene. View our list of current properties and dates of sales.

Most sales, even though held at the courthouse steps, are non-judicial trustee sales. The courts and the sheriff are not involved in these sales and do not have any information concerning the properties.

The Sheriff also conducts Judicial Personal Property Sales on a case by case basis.   See Personal Property Sales left panel.

How do I get a Sheriff's deed?

The following items are needed in order to issue a Sheriff's Deed

1. A letter of instruction which should include the following:
a)  Court Case number
b)  Whether or not there has been an attempt to redeem the property
c)  The Grantee's full name and address; include Assignment if Grantee is different from original purchaser.
The full name and address of the person receiving the recorded document;
The full name and address of the person receiving tax statements;
After recording return to:
Until requested otherwise send all tax statements to:
d)  Name and phone number of person to contact should we have questions prior to issuing the Deed.
e)  If the deed is to be picked up, name and phone number of person(s) authorized to pick up Deed once it is complete.  Please have photo ID.
f)  Signed by attorney or certificate holder.

2) The original recorded Certificate of Sale.

3) If the grantee on the Deed is different than the original purchaser, we need a copy of the assignment.

4) See the current fee schedule for fee and additional sum for Notary Stamp.  Add an additional current fee for mailing , if it is to be mailed back to you.

5) A court Order to Issue Deed is required if the deed is to be issued prior to the expiration of the redemption rights.  If United States of America is a defendant the redemption period is one year.

Please mail the letter of instruction, payment and original Certificate of Sale to:
Lane County Sheriff's Office
Attn:  Civil Deputies
125 E. 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

Please allow at least two weeks for the issuance of the Sheriff's Deed.
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.  The Civil Unit is prohibited from giving legal advice.  Please consult an attorney for any legal guidance.

For information regarding specific civil matters, refer to the Oregon Revised Statutes.


What does the Sheriff’s Office need to enforce a Writ of Garnishment for a safety deposit box?

The following items are required:

  • Proof of payment to financial institution for fees (e.g. copy of check, receipt from bank); 
  • A Letter of Instruction, which must include: 
    • A request for seizure/sale signed by an attorney; the date the writ was served on the bank;
    • The date the garnishee response was filed in Lane County Circuit Court; and,
    • The name and address of the bank where garnishment will occur.
  • A copy of the Writ and Garnishee Response, attached to the request for seizure;
  • A copy of the Judgment, signed by a judge;
  • An initial deposit of $600, which covers:
    • Service fee and enforcement fee, per ORS 21.410/HB 2618
    • If the contents are to be sold by the Sheriff’s Office additional fees will apply.  Please include in the letter of instruction how the items should be posted; either current fee for three public postings, or current rate for the OSSA website. The OSSA website fee covers posting of up to three pictures.
    • Current mailing, copying & folio fees; and,
    • Additional deputy standby fees, if the time required for seizure and/or sale exceeds 1 hour.
    • Challenge to Execution Form; and,
  • New instructions after seizure of property is to be sold, including:
    • What to release;
    • What to sell and opening bids on each item to be sold;
    • The names and addresses of any party, including debtors, who must receive the notice. 

 Please remember all garnishments are different and additional fees may apply.

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