Prospective Bidders of Real Property Sales

Sheriff's Office Badge1) Arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to sale, so we can get your information and verify your funds.  We do our best to have the opening bids listed on our website 48 hours prior to the sale.  If there is no opening bid listed and the sale has “To Appear” listed under “Credit Bid”, a representative from the bank will appear in person and provide an oral opening bid at the time of auction.

2) At the sale, bidders other than the creditor must have cash in hand; Certified cashier’s checks or U.S. Currency are the only acceptable funds. Cash in hand means that the funds are present now.  There is no time allowed to go obtain funds.  All junior lien creditors or any person who believes they have an interest in this case or judgment against the judgment debtor may not credit bid but must have cash in hand.  Cashier's checks must be made out to Lane County Sheriff's Office.  You may have several cashier's checks in different denominations or one check for the amount you're willing to pay, we will refund any amount over within 5-7 days.

3) After the opening bid is announced the first bid is open.  All subsequent bids will be in at least $500 increments.

If any part is paid by cashier’s check, the purchaser will be given a receipt in lieu of the Certificate of Sale.  The cashier’s check(s) will be deposited and once they are cleared we will contact the purchaser and advise they to pick-up their Certificate of Sale at our office or have it mailed certified return receipt requested for an additional feeThere is a fee for the Certificate of Sale.


(a) The priority of the lien or interest of the judgment creditor;
(b) Land use laws and regulations applicable to the property;
(c) Approved uses for the property;
(d) Limits on farming or forest practices on the property;
(e) Rights of neighboring property owners; and
(f) Environmental laws and regulations that affect the property.

Please note that we do not have access to these properties nor do we have keys.  We cannot give legal advice as to current tenant rights or how to gain access after the sale.

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